R.I.P Louise Rennison

Louise Rennison

Louise Rennison, author and comedian extraordinaire, has died at age 63.

Whilst is has been many years since I read the Georgia Nicholson series, I can safely say that it has remained in my heart as one of the top book series of my childhood/teenagerdom. I STILL quote the books at random, refer to certain guys as “sex gods” and still want a mad cat called Angus. I still have an irrational fear of false eyelashes due to this series!

My best friend and I used to adore her books, and talk almost entirely in Nicholsonian speak to each other, which I’m sure made us look as mad as mad things, but I care not. I read and re-read each book over and over again, giggling all the while. “And Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers” was the first book I read as an audio book, and I sat there on my bedroom floor, telling my parents that I was “cleaning”, whilst actually rolling about laughing into a pillow.



Though I never did actually finish the series, as I’d kind of grown out of them by the time the last few were released, I will forever have fond memories, and hope that I’ll always keep a bit of Georgia’s hilarity, awkwardness and wit in me.

Thanks, Louise Rennison, for giving us all a laugh, teaching us about the facts of grownup life, our irreverent friend Georgia and the gloriousity of Angus. Thanks for the Sex God Robbie, Dave the Laugh, Jazzy, stoats, Libby’s “Sex Bum” rendition and for everything else, ever.



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