January Wrap Up

January is over! How did that even happen?!

I’ve had a fairly busy month, and have been up to all sorts of things, but mainly I’ve been working and beginning to get back into studying in preparation for my PhD.

I want to get some of the classic books that are important and influential upon the authors I want to focus on read first, so I can then move on and read all of their work. Only problem is that I’ve been getting bogged down in the 18th century with a few monstrous books and my progress has been far slower than I anticipated!

I also needed a bit of a break for my brain, so I have read some fun stuff too!

So what have I read this month?

  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (4 stars)
  • Bush Studies by Barbara Baynton (1.5 stars…I get more and more brutal every time I consider it.)
  • Eavesdropping on Jane Austen’s England by Roy Adkins (5 stars)
  • The Midnight Watch by David Dyer (5 stars)
  • Evelina by Fanny Burney (4 stars)
  • The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald (3 stars)
  • Howard’s End is on the Landing by Susan Hill (DNF 0 stars)
  • Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovich (5 stars)
  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (still in progress)

Apart from Bush Studies and Howard’s End is on the Landing, I had a fantastic reading month and read some really interesting and valuable things!

My review of The Midnight Watch will be up closer to its release date, but let’s just say it was FANTASTIC and I’m really excited to share it with more people when it comes out! The Titanic is a source of fascination for lots of people, but this new take on it is something else. It had me wrapped right up and I couldn’t put it down… it is definitely one of those books that make you resent having any responsibilities!

Mansfield Park is taking me a while to read, not because I’m not enjoying it, but because it’s a chunkster so I haven’t been carrying it around very much, and I just needed to give my poor head a bit of a break to read something a bit less wordy! I love Fanny, I get why people think she’s an annoying pushover, but I really see a lot of myself in her character, and with a family like that, who wouldn’t be a bit frightened of other humans?!

Here’s hoping February will be just as awesome! So far, so good though, so we shall see!



10 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

    • It seemed like Hill used it as an excuse to name drop and trash talk authors and genres she doesn’t like… really not my cup of tea! There’s only so many snide remarks about Australians and genre fiction that I can tolerate without having a seizure!

      • I got really cross when she poured scorn on people who keep their books in order, but she was nice about Iris Murdoch … i know what you mean, though!

      • Don’t do things exactly like Susan Hill thinks you should? Don’t even bother calling yourself a book lover/writer. 😉

  1. I loved Evelina and I actually really liked Howards End is on the Landing – sorry you didn’t get on with it. I have been meaning to re-read Mansfield Park for a while.

    • I really wanted to like it, since books about books are usually great, but I felt like she trash talked and name dropped way too much and didn’t really stick to her thesis… plus she took way too many hits at Australians/Australian writers and genre fiction for me to not want to throw everything she stands for out the window. So far I’ve only been disappointed in her work, so I think I won’t be trying anymore Hill.

  2. I love Fanny, too – I think she’s Austen’s most underrated heroine. She just sticks in there, being herself, no matter who’s trying to push her in one direction or another.

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying Mansfield Park – I’ve never had a problem with Fanny, I think she’s decent and principled and doesn’t make a fuss – nothing wrong with that!

    • I know right?! I think so too. The poor things won’t know what hit them… but it will be oh so good! So far one of the best books I’ve read this year!

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