Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Periods I Adore

I love good historical fiction, and, of course, a good classic novel and history books. I tend to be rather Anglo-centric in my reading, simply because I’m obsessed with all things English, but I do like other settings too! I have, as always, written this in no particular order, and I love all of them in different ways!

  1. Colonial Australia


I LOVED Playing Beatie Bow when I read it several years ago, and apart from My Brilliant Career, I have loved pretty much all of the novels and classics I’ve read set in Australia. Colonial life fascinates me, and I love that it gets quite a bit of recognition as an interesting era these days.

2. Australian Gold Rush


Yes… This is still the Colonial era, but the Gold Rush fascinates me as a separate being. It’s hard to imagine thousands of people ditching their jobs and countries to bugger off to a swamp in Australia to pan for gold, but they did it! Then the Eureka Stockade is a whooooole other thing! I absolutely loved A Banner Bold by Nadia Wheatley when I was a child, I’m pretty sure it was that which set off my obsession! The Three Miss Kings is a different spin on this era, and I need to read The Roaring Ninties soon too!

3. Regency England

Everything about this era fascinates me. I love the clothing, the manners, the filth and the drama.


4. Victorian England

I have always found this Dickensian world enchanting, though I’ve read staggeringly little Dickens. It is amazing how a few years can bring about so much social change, and a blast of amazing writers, both male and female, who changed the face of literature forever.


5. Tudor England


I’ve been mad about the Tudors forever, and it’s hard to pick just one Tudor as my favourite… though Henry VIII is a classic fascination for lots of people. I’ve stood in the same room as Elizabeth’s grave, as well as the ever fabulous Mary, Queen of Scots. So much intrigue, so much blood and so many fascinating people.

6. Ancient Rome


Oh man, the Romans were a crazy bunch!

7. World War One

If you’ve spent any time at all on my blog, you’ll know World War One is my darling era, my endless source of fascination and my livelihood. Everything about it interests me (except maybe the political wranglings), from the trenches to the ones left behind… especially the ones left behind, really. If I could time travel, this is exactly where I would end up.

8. Early 20th Century

To avoid splitting everything up into countries, this era in general is amazing to me. England, Australia, Europe, America, Russia, Asia, Africa…. you name it, I’m interested. This again was a time of rapid change, and one that changed the world forever, in a thousand and one different ways.

9. China

China, in general, has a staggeringly intricate and wonderful history, that I want to explore more. I never was able to study Chinese history in school or uni, but I have friends who do, and the things they tell me always makes me want to learn more!

10. The Jazz era

The post WWI to beginning of WWII years are kind of overlooked, and I don’t really know what else to call this time! So much was going on, so many things were changing, and the social upheaval was astonishing. The Modernists were in full swing by this point, and some of the world’s greatest writers were wandering about doing insane things, and writing fantastic books.


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Periods I Adore

  1. What a fascinating post! Obviously I would pick various periods of Russian history, and I think just about all of the 20th century up until about 1980! 🙂

  2. I love so many of these. One of my favourite WWI books is The Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. Since it wasn’t pictured above, I was wondering if you’ve read it?

    • I haven’t read it, no, but it’s on my to read list for sure! I have wayyyy too many of them so I have to kind of prioritise the ones I need to read for university over the ones I want to read for my own happiness.

  3. I also read a lot of fiction set in the Tudor, Victorian and Jazz age periods 🙂 I would like to read more fiction set in even older times; perhaps even ancient times.

  4. Great choices! I like all of those too. China is a great pick. Some of my favorite books to do with Chinese history are written by Pearl S. Buck.

  5. You sound just like me – obsessed with England! I love the WWI era too. I don’t necessarily seek out books set in/around that time, but they always seem to end up in my hands. I’ve wanted to read ‘Parade’s End’ for ages – is it really good? AND you should read ‘A Fortunate Life’ by A.B. Facey if you haven’t already – WWI and Australia all wrapped up in one. It’s one of my favourite books by an Aussie.

  6. Nice choices. I passed on this TTT, but your post makes me think I should have given it a go. I like American Great Depression, WWII, Victorian England, and French Revolution.

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