Top Ten Tuesday: My 2016 Reading Resolutions


I did well on my 2015 reading resolutions, so I thought I’d give myself some more this year!

  1. Read even more classics.

I want to make sure I’ve read all the important ones, especially those that will be useful to my research that I haven’t got around to reading yet. I also want to read those that I have been meaning to read for a very long time, and those I’m excited to begin!

2. Read more Russian literature.

2015-01-28 14.50.55 I haven’t read too much Russian literature, and must remedy this situation, and soon!


3. Read more literary biographies.

I want to know more about the lives of writers, especially those that I enjoy.



4. Keep up with interesting new releases.

Working in a bookshop makes reading  new releases a bit more of a priority than it was before. I won’t make myself read ALL of them, obviously, but I want to be reading those that excite me.

5. Spend the first 6 months of this year reading HARD

I want to smash myself reading everything important and useful until I begin my doctorate, so this is the time to be freaking dedicated.

6. Keep up with blogging.

But not to stress over it! I’ve dropped the ball a bit recently, but I’ve managed to not stress too much over being behind.

7. Keep challenging myself to read harder and not be intimidated by difficult or long books.

I’m getting much better at this, but I can always improve even further.

8. Read books I own before buying more.

I don’t think I would go well with a total book buying ban, but limiting myself is a good idea. I’ve been good over the past few months (illogical, since I now work around books all the time… temptation temptation!) but I think I can do better.

9. Stop beating myself up for not liking or feeling like I don’t “get” a book

It’s a bad habit of mine and one that I should try to eliminate. It’s okay to not like something you feel you should or not understand the book in some way!

I beat myself up for months over Bid Me to Live because I felt like I was missing an essential piece of the puzzle… but I wasn’t. It wasn’t me, it was the book.

10. Remember that the library exists.

…and to use it!


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My 2016 Reading Resolutions

  1. These are great resolutions! No. 2 is one that I’m also working on and no. 8 is one that I vow to do every year – with varying levels of success. Good luck with your reading year 2016!

  2. Keeping up with blogging is one of my general ones I want to get better at. I am better now than when I first started but I am still not up to where I want to be. Reading the books I own before I buy more is also something I really need to work on…

  3. Awesome resolutions! Similar to your goal of wanting to read a lot in the first half of the year, I want to read a lot whenever I’m home from college. At school I feel as though I don’t have much time to read for fun because I’m so busy with other things, but breaks at home are a time when I can just kick back, relax, and get some major reading done. Best of luck with your goals, and Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. It must be SO HARD working in a bookshop and seeing all those new books come in! It was bad enough working in an academic library and seeing all the interesting stuff passing literally through my hands and accessible in the storeroom before it was properly on the catalogue! Have fun with your reading this year!

  5. I love your resolutions! Russian authors are amazing, I always feel its because they’ve been exposed to far more than we have and that experience is put to great use. New Ways to Kill Your Mother by Colm Toibin is a great collection of essays on literary writers too. #8 and #10 make for a great compromise together (new books without owning them!) Good luck with your resolutions, you’ve chosen some real good ones. Happy reading for 2016 🙂

  6. As a teenager I went through a hardcore Russian phase, everything just seemed so perfectly dark and angsty, perfect for my melodramatic teenaged soul. I even used a quote from Chekov (the author, not the Star Trek character) as my yearbook quote. One of my favourites was Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn – so very Russian. Hope you enjoy!

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