2015 in Review


My goodness… what a year!! I would say that 2015 has been one of the best years of my life!

I smashed my honours degree and can now go on to do my PhD, which is super exciting! My darling bookish fiancee and I got together and then got engaged in October, and we’ll be doing the PhD battle together. I gained a new family and friends through Harry, and love them lots! I stood with my best friend Liana as she got married and I cried like the sook I am. I watched my other friends Heeny and Cuau get married just before Christmas. I also landed a job in an awesome bookshop, which I’m loving!

I got so teary whilst we were watching the Sydney fireworks from the balcony of the house I’m minding- I had my wonderful best friends and my fiancee with me, and a group of other people who have made my year truly amazing.

As for reading, I ended on 103 books finished! It’s been a challenging year for my reading- I’ve taken lots of risks and read things way out of my comfort zone. I haven’t read anything truly atrocious, which is a first! My least liked book would have to be The Castle by Kafka; though I can see what he’s doing, it was boring and tedious. My favourite book? I can’t even choose just one! Bid Me to Live by H.D. definitely changed the way I think about books, language and the mind, and shaped my reading year quite a bit. I feel like if I can get through that and Asphodel, I can do anything!

2016 is going to be a big year, but I’m optimistic and looking forward to the adventures that await me!

Happy New Year!


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