Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Gives Me!


I think I won’t be getting many books this year, because “I have too many” (says my family). I’m certainly giving many books to others, whether they like it or not!

But if I were to get books this year, I’d be hoping for these ones…


  1. The Folio Society books

I’d be thrilled with anything from The Folio Society, but in particular I love their editions of Vile Bodies and The Queen of Spades. They’re both so beautiful!


2. The Invisible Woman by Claire Tomalin looks really interesting


3. Any books about female writers, especially Jane Austen, Jean Rhys, Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield!

4. The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood


5. More Persephone books!

My collection is steadily growing, but there’s always room for more.


6. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgsen Burnett


This edition is so pretty, and I never owned my own copy, so I’d like to have one to relive the wonder and magic I found in it.

7. The Diary of Samuel Pepys

I’ve become very interested in this man and his era, so reading his diaries would be great.


8. Aunts Up the Cross by Robin Dalton

I ran across this at work and think it looks really good!


9. SPQR by Mary Beard


I have been naughty and bought it on Kindle, but I’d love a physical copy of Mary Beard’s newest book.


I can’t think of anything else I really want or need… so I’m leaving the 10th spot for surprises and new discoveries for the new year. I feel content with what books I have right now, and haven’t seen many more I really want, which is a very nice feeling (and very rare…)


24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Gives Me!

  1. I remember trying to read A Little Princess as a girl and seriously struggling. This is back when children’s book were way more challenging. Anne of Green Gables fits in the same category.

  2. An interesting list! I’m not hoping for anything specific this Christmas, though surprise books are always fun! Hope you get something nice and bookish!

    • I honestly struggled to even hit 5 books I really want this year! I have everything I want and can usually borrow the rest. But surprises are always welcome ☺ you too! Merry Christmas!!

  3. I have a good number of book-shaped parcels in bags under our “tree” (a tree-shaped card, we’ve failed a bit this year!) so I don’t think anyone’s thinking I’ve got too many! Hope some of these reach you soon!

    • Ooh lucky you! I’m glad your family and friends aren’t so judgemental 😀 mine just doesn’t get it, especially my brother. Thank you! Merry Christmas! ❤

      • It seems most of my present-exchanging friends are also booky friends, which helps … family give me money, which I invariably spend on … yeah.

        Have a good Christmas!

    • It’s gorgeous! It’s such a lovely story, so different to The Secret Garden, which I also read as a child, but just didn’t have the same love for 🙂

  4. Wow, Queen of Spades is gorgeous! I don’t even know what the book is about and I want it! The Invisible Woman is a fantastic read, I read it by accident as it was the only book in a hostel book swap when I was in New Zealand but it’s one of my faves.

    My TTT.

  5. Great list! I read The Natural Way of Things a while ago and it was outstanding – so I hope there’s a Christmas miracle and you find a copy under the tree 🙂

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