November Wrap Up

I’ve had an atrocious reading month! Truly atrocious.

I’ve picked up and dropped so many books, it’s unbelievable. I seem only capable of managing history books and easy fiction.

  • My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin (kind of the source of my slump… that Sybil! Very disappointed.)
  • Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (to be fair, I did accidentally lose the book. Apparently my fiancèe knows where it is though, so perhaps one day I’ll get to finish it! So far, I was really enjoying it. Very twist, much boom.)
  • Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (kind of. As in I’ve not read any this month, but I’m loath to say I’m totally done with it)

Still reading:

  • The Still Point by Amy Sackville (it’s wonderful, but my brain isn’t computing it well right now)
  • London: A Travel Guide Through Time  by Dr Matthew Green (…and loving it so far!! I’m nearly finished!)
  • Women of the Left Bank by Shari Benstock (again, not read any for 2 months… but I’ll go back to it soon.)

So what did I actually finish??


Being perpetually exhausted and in pain doesn’t help very much, which has been pretty much my life this month, and frankly, reading can feel like a bit of a chore when all I want to do is sleep. Hopefully I’ll pull myself up and out of it soon, as I have time and time again! Chronic illness can be such a pest, especially when you’re having lots of lovely things happening and want to be doing everything.

(Edit: Indeed, when I wrote this, I was exhausted… and got the month wrong. Sleep is important, kids!)

I have also begun a job in a bookshop, which has been fantastic so far. I’m really enjoying myself, and I’ve had some wonderful customers who have truly been inspiring and a lot of fun! It takes a lot out of me but it’s worth it, as I’m finding it as mentally and intellectually challenging as it is physically… i.e. exactly how I like to work! Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and lovely thoughts when I started!

Hopefully December will be a better reading month for me, and I think it will be, so hopefully I’ll have more to report back on in January. *shudders*


7 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. Hope you are doing well – it seems quite a few of us have had tough few months. It’s important to cut yourself a break when dealing with chronic illness, something that can sometimes be hard to remember. Hope you enjoyed all the good stuff, and working in a bookshop seems like a dream job.

    Also…. My Brilliant Career was a struggle for me, but I fell in love with it. Not a book that you see people picking up often!

  2. Glad the job is going well! Sometimes reading is difficult – you can find that several books just don’t click and then suddenly you get in the groove again. Hope your reading mojo kicks in again soon, and if it’s any help, I struggled with My Brilliant Career too!

  3. Well, I blew a perfectly good opportunity to be a smarta$$. When you originally posted this, (as it came through in my feed), you posted “December Wrap up” and I was going to tell you not to be so hard on yourself…but I see you corrected the error. Cheers.

    • Haha! Others said it too 😉 I noticed as soon as it went up, then changed it and hoped no one had noticed! At least it proves that I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m so tired that my brain is gone!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Pain and fatigue have to be 2 of the nastiest things out there. The Dr Matthew Green book sounds fantastic, look forward to reading your review.

    P.S. One of my former students got the year wrong on every single assignment she submitted to me this year. 😉

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