I Have a New (Bookish) Job!

Today, I am more gainfully employed than I was yesterday! Hoorah!

I’ve been almost constantly employed since I was 14, with only a short six months off while I recovered from having my foot reconstructed. I’ve done all sorts of things, including working in a pet shop, a stint in an aromatherapy shop, working in various chemists, an ill-fated year in a woman’s dress shop and, my favourite, working in the dearly departed Angus and Robertson bookshops.

Sadly, the company collapsed in 2011, and I had to move on, which was one of the saddest moments in my working career… to watch your bookshop crash and burn, taking yourself and your colleagues down with it, putting everything on 75% off and watching customers picking through it like angry vultures… it was awful. I’ve not worked in a bookshop since.

But now I’ve started working for Berkelouw’s Books in Sydney, which is so freaking exciting! Definitely Probably also extremely dangerous for my bank balance! I’ve loved going to Berkelouw’s stores for years, so to actually work fPHO159c23c2-9dcd-11e2-8503-c41494ecb8b1-805x453or them is a dream come true. They love my blog too, which is super exciting and humbling!

Here’s to happy bookish employment and blogging!

Ps. Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been very busy and not really in a bloggy mood. I’m back with a vengeance now!


14 thoughts on “I Have a New (Bookish) Job!

  1. That’s great news – congrats – which BB will you be based in?
    Maybe I will see you at some of next years publisher roadshow events 🙂

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