October In Review

This October was my first month of freedom since beginning Semester 1 of university in February last year, so I’ve gone a bit crazy in the book department. I’ve read a fair few books, and had a fantastic month in general, so I’m a very happy lady right now!

I got engaged!! That was a nice surprise! I’m a very lucky and very happy woman indeed.

This month, I’ve read:

Affinity by Sarah Waters (***1/2)… which has spurred me on to pick up Fingersmith as my next read.2015-10-05 14.30.14

Names for the Sea by Sara Moss (***)

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (**1/2) …which I STILL haven’t decided what my opinion really is about it!)

Summer Crossing by Truman Capote (**1/2)

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (*****)

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson (*****)

The Lake House by Kate Morton (*****)

The Three Miss Kings by Ada Cambridge (****)

Lots of quite high rated books, with the latter half of the month being packed full of winners for me! I still haven’t quite got my head out of North and South, and The Lake House was so exciting that I feel I have a bit of whiplash going on from it. I did expect to read more books, but with work, medication changes making me sleep a lot, general laziness, plus a holiday AND an engagement to announce (seriously, no one told me that would be so stressful… thank god for The Lake House and the off button on my phone!), it just didn’t happen. In my defence, those were all pretty time consuming, and a few of the books were very lengthy, with several being over 500 pages long.2015-10-18 19.11.21

I’ve also been plodding through Les Miserables, which makes me feel rather miserables myself. I believe I’m at the 300 page mark at present. Whoever designed my copy ought to be taken out and shot, because bible paper and a size 8 font do not bode well for a comfortable reading experience. Generally, I can read in bed without my glasses, but not with that beast, oh no! It’s glasses, a bookmark in my hand to mark my line as I go, and another stuck in the back for the endnotes to help me with my non-existent French knowledge, a pen in my hand and preferably an assistant/slave to fan me as I go.

I did mean to read Rush Oh! by Shirley Barrett, but it had a terrible water bottle accident and I fear it will prove to be unreadable in the end, despite my best efforts. I’ll have to find myself a new copy, as the book looks lovely! I did see two real whales, a mother and calf swimming south to Antarctica the day after that accident, so perhaps that will make up for the delay in reading the novel for now. They’re astonishingly big, somehow bigger than I expected, even the baby!

I bought a ton of books, which is pretty much a given, really. Most were second hand, and made me very, very excited. Some of the stand outs were first edition copies of The Walls Do Not Fall  and Tribute to the Angels by H.D. in almost perfect condition, as well 2015-10-17 17.08.35
as a clean copy of Bid Me to Live by H.D. (i.e. not annotated by yours truly… this was an effort and a half to find under $60, but find it I did!). I also found old Penguin paperbacks of a stack of Monica Dickens’ books, Tea With Mr Rochester by Frances Towers (currently published by Persephone) and some Daphne Du Maurier books that I didn’t already have. I also got a few more books by and about Virginia Woolf, and some more of my darling Rebecca West.

I’m looking forward to reading lots in November, and right now I think at least one of the books will be The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, since it’s almost a year since I read The Cuckoo’s Calling and her newest book, Career of Evil was released in October. I won’t be buying it as yet, as I want all my editions to be in the fame format, because I’m picky like that. I’m also looking forward to reading Greenery Street by Dennis Mackail and possibly something by Monica Dickens, with maybe a Du Maurier thrown in for good measure. We shall see.

My blog has been getting a lot of love recently, so thank you to all my new followers for coming on board! It’s recently occurred to me how much I can’t believe that a little thing I started, not really believing it would go anywhere (or that I would stick to it, for that matter) has actually begun to get noticed! I’m so thankful to all of you, especially those who have been with me for the ride- you know who you are!

Hope you all have a lovely month, and I’ll see you in my next post!


8 thoughts on “October In Review

  1. Congratulations! (as I’ve already said!) And what a lovely book haul! I didn’t realise Bid Me to Live was so expensive – I shall have to look after my copy…. 🙂

    • Thank you again! 🙂
      You could keep your copy and retire on the proceeds of selling it. A brand new hardback is $100AUD and used copies frequently hit $60. I had to annotate my first copy and now I have a lovely clean one, they’re both the Virago Modern Classics edition.

  2. Sounds like a great reading month! How do you just casually drop one line in about an engagement?! CONGRATULATIONS! Do we get a blog post? Photos? Back story? I want deets! R x

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