Discussion: Kate Morton is back, darlings! “The Lake House” is here!

2015-10-27 12.50.34

As some of you will know, I absolutely ADORE Kate Morton, and think she’s entirely underrated in the book community. I’ve been waiting and waiting, and now the book genie has answered my prayers. Her new book, The Lake House, came out last Thursday, and I could barely contain my excitement! I’d done the proper fangirl thing and had pre-ordered the book in late August; yep, I was THAT excited. 3 years I have waited! In Azkaban!

Unfortunately* for me, I went on holidays on Thursday, so didn’t get time to download the e-book in lieu of having the physical copy, and then the online bookseller I’d ordered it from took their sweet time sending it to me. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind, but the combination of it being Kate Morton and having ordered it so long ago really annoyed me, to the point that I nearly bought a copy while I was at Dymocks. Luckily, it turned up the very next day, right when I was in the process of beginning a new book- I can tell you though, that the first 11 pages of Fingersmith by Sarah Waters made the decision to drop it for this one very tough indeed, even with my excitement!

I’m about 70 pages into this beautiful beast of a book, and so far, so good. I’m trying to pace myself though… what if I have to wait another 3 years again?

As for the cover… I wish it wasn’t one with a girl staring off into the middle distance over her shoulder. It’s so cliche. Her hair is gorgeous though. I wish my hair did that.** It also has that delicious silky kind of cover that makes me want to rub my hands all over the book like a fantastic creep.

The novel is about Alice, who was an aspiring writer in the 1930’s. The novel then jumps to a police officer on leave, Sadie Sparrow (that name though!) who stumbles across an abandoned mansion in the Cornish woods. From there, the mystery shall unfold in the wondrous way of Morton. I have very high hopes, as a credible source tells me it is on par with The Forgotten Garden, my favourite Morton book!

In other news, my self imposed ban on war novels, Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West and H.D. is nearly over, and it has been a much harder business for me to avoid them than I thought it would be! I love them too much! I will hopefully get to finishing Women of the Left Bank by Shari Benstock soon, and I desperately want to read Flush by Virginia Woolf and Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain in the near future. I also want to get back to reading Fingersmith, and probably Greenery Street by Dennis Mackail before I begin the Richard Mahoney books. Intrepid reading, indeed!

Is anyone else as excited about Kate Morton’s new book as I am?! Let me know what you think. Any tips for managing wild hair would also be appreciated 😉

*though not really, coz I had an absolutely amazing time. I attach a picture of kangaroos on a golf course to illustrate my point.

2015-10-24 18.37.13

**I had a job interview yesterday, and did my hair all fancy, then scared my future mother-in-law by pulling about 20 bobby pins out of it, and my hair stood on end afterwards like an electrocuted poodle. She thought curly hair was the only unruly kind of hair! Mine is a law unto itself!


4 thoughts on “Discussion: Kate Morton is back, darlings! “The Lake House” is here!

  1. I have very unruly hair and even now, at my advanced age, if it’s damp or windy, any carefully done style goes to the bad!

    I’m not the keenest on Kate Morton, but I think that’s because there were so many dual-time books around at one point, and the ones by her that I read all seemed to have that theme. But she doesn’t write badly at all. “Greenery Street” thought? Oh, yes!

    Happy reading!

    • I haven’t finished it yet (pacing myself!) but halfway through and I’m dying to find out the ending! You’ve got a great book to look forward to!

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