“The Shadows in Truman Capote’s Early Stories”

I just came across this article in The New Yorker and thought it was really interesting, particularly since an anthology of his early stories have just been published. 

Having read Summer Crossing earlier this month, and having been sent this anthology by the publisher, I’m on a bit of a Capote kick.

I found his portrayal of Negro characters in Other Voices, Other Rooms fascinating, and somewhat brutal. Ultimately, he is sympathetic towards them, and I thought they had extremely distinctive personalities… indeed, they are the characters I remember the most about. Zoo and Jesus Fever, though arguably childlike, were the characters I found most interesting- far more interesting than Joel and his exploits. But yes, Zoo is forced to return to her old life, her escape caused nothing but pain and mutilation, and all at the hands of white men.

Let me know what you think!


Tell me what you think!

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