Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes I’d Ask of the Book Genie

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish.

Don’t genies usually give out three wishes? Perhaps the book genie is just more generous!

  1. A well stocked local library

Don’t get me wrong… my local library is a steaming pile of shite doing its very best, I’m sure. Well… I actually refuse to go there, because I refuse to pay a fine for “missing” books that were returned and lost by them. But, my NEXT closest library is alright, though sadly overstocked in bad paperbacks and Mills and Boon, and understocked in the type of books I’m interested in. Though, it has a very good poetry selection, funnily enough.

2. Kate Morton’s newest book to inexplicably drop into my lap right… NOW!

I just don’t want to wait until the end of the month! I’ve waited long enough! THREE YEARS I HAVE WAITED.

3. A stock of Australian colonial women’s literature to appear

I’ve been on a mission to find some more Australian women writers, and I’m having a difficult time of it, despite enlisting the help of a friend whose expertise lies in this area.

4. To magically have read all those “books you must read before you die” kind of books that just don’t appeal to me.

I’m looking at you, Dante.

5. A continuation of North and South written by Gaskell herself

Because I have not had enough! I need more happy romance between Margaret and Thornton! I have to balance all the tears I shed with happy smiles and squirms! There’s even spare pages at the back of my copy, it could fit in there!

6. Unlimited funds… and shelf space.

Because books take up room, if you don’t download them all. They also cost money.

7. A Marauders series by J.K. Rowling

I WOULD CRY. It is known.

8. The most comfortable book chair in the world… and a super comfortable transportable chair

It’s such a pain to have the wrong chair. I was trying to read whilst sitting at a picnic table the other day, and the palings were cutting into my bum and my back began to ache. Lying on the grass was a no-go, unless I wanted bindis embedded in my skin until the day I die. I ended up lying across the bench and using my boyfriend’s leg as a pillow, and miraculously didn’t drop my 550 page novel on my face!

9. A wonderful reading space

One with lots of natural light, shelves, flowers and a pretty view, preferably. Also one containing my magical book chair, of course!

10. An unlimited supply of tea in an unending teapot!

How gorgeous would that be? I’d make sure the flavour varied on what I felt like drinking at the time, and that it is always the perfect temperature.


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes I’d Ask of the Book Genie

  1. I am so fortunate to have an awesome public library system here in my city! I feel so badly for people who don’t have access to one. It’s not fair! I love your wish for #9. In fact, my entire post today is about that lol My TTT

  2. Wonderful wishes!
    I am with you on #1 and #6. My local library actually really does try, but they just don’t have a huge selection of english books -since it is not the main language in the country i live in- and only have the older books and no new editions at all in english. Which is just sad because who doesn’t want to read new books at least after they been out a few month? And not having to buy them all?

    My TTT:

  3. Loving this list! Do you ever have a writer whose name seems to be popping up everywhere? Kate Morton is that author at the moment. Maybe it’s a sign that I should give her a try. Although I’d have to order from my (not too bad!) local library!

  4. Nice choices…I thought of modifying your list to my own taste, but probably a bottomless wine bottle would not be such a good idea.

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