Thoughts on “Go Set a Watchman” (Chapter One) by Harper Lee

Harper Lee’s new book is due to come out in a few days time, which is really exciting! Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to read it in the near future because of the workload at university, but I’ve just read the first chapter in The Sydney Morning Herald and so far, it looks quite promising!

I’m not sure that I’m overly fond of Scout’s new grown up self, though it does fit the sort of child she was. Something seems to have happened to Jem, which I’m hoping to see the backstory to- “Just about that time, Jean Louise’s brother dropped dead in his tracks one day, and after the nightmare of that was over, Atticus, who had always thought of leaving his practice to his son, looked around for another young man.”

Oh dear. Poor Jem.

Henry seems to be a pretty adorable character too, so I’m hoping that Scout can get over her fear of being caged. I think what more annoyed me about her adult self was her behaviour toward him, but then… It’s just so Scout.

Dill is missing, with Henry seeming to take his place, unless he appears later on… which is a bit sad, because I do like Dill.

Lee’s style seems to be extremely similar in Go Set a Watchman than it was in To Kill a Mockingbird, which is a really nice, free and loping storytelling tone. I really enjoyed that about it, as it feels so familiar.

Just from this excerpt, I have much higher hopes than I previously did for this novel. I was very concerned that it just wasn’t going to be as good, since it had been knocked back. I think that there are going to be differences, and to prepare for them, but it’s only natural when she’s had to go back to the drawing board.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Go Set a Watchman” (Chapter One) by Harper Lee

  1. Yeah, I was a little put off by the grown-up Scout, but I’m hoping that she mellows out before the end of the book. Maybe Atticus can straighten her out. 🙂

    Henry seems like a darling, but I wish he didn’t have to take Jem’s place in Atticus’s practice. Next to Atticus, Jem was my favorite character in To Kill a Mockingbird. I was crushed when I read that sentence.

    And even though I knew that Atticus would be old and ill in this book, I still hate to see him suffering so.

    This book is going to put me through the ringer, but still, I’m looking forward to Tuesday. ^.^

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in that, I felt like I was just being judgemental because I don’t like her kind of attitude to partners. I’ve just been reading an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the early reviews, and without saying too much, it seems that Atticus is not a saint in this one. Regardless, I feel so sad about his suffering too. I didn’t like Jem all that much, (perhaps because he reminds me a lot of my younger brother =P) but I can’t believe she’s killed him!
      I’m really excited to see what you think of it on Tuesday!

  2. I maybe the only person who hasn’t read To Kill A Mockingbird 😛 Is Go Set A Watchman a continuation of the story or a new plot altogether with the same characters?

    • It’s a new plot altogether, not sure how much of a link there is between the two yet, apart from characters!
      I didn’t read it until I was 18, which to me felt like I was the last person to read it 😉

  3. you don’t know what will happen if you read the whole novel. its just the the beginning. in my life, i have only top 3 female writers that i always consider out for.
    1) Agatha Christie
    2) Harper Lee
    3)Virginia Woolf.
    and when one them is about to come out now, after such a long time of almost bygone seasons, i am almost gone mad with Ecstasy of excitement to get her book as fast as possible. even nowadays, i am having visions of Harper lee Mam giving me her copy by her own self to me.

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