Review: Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield

‘And again, as always, he had the feeling he was holding something that never was quite his – his. Something too delicate, too precious, that would fly away once he let go.’

Three sharp and powerful short stories from Katherine Mansfield, one of the genre’s all-time masters.

Seriously guys, how good are these Penguin Black Classics? I bought 8 on the day they came out and this is the first I’ve read. I think they’re brilliant! It’s not often that you get to have a nice purse sized classic to read on the train in one sitting! Or to get 6 books for $12 in Australia. So much win is to be had!

I’d never read Katherine Mansfield before, but holy moly guys…. this is the thing. She is probably my new queen. I’m not even really into short stories and I absolutely loved them all. I really wanted all three to continue, they were that good.

I’m trying very hard not to wax lyrical about these, because I think the less I say, the better. I don’t want to give too much away and feel like her stories are better experienced first hand than summarised by me.

Just do it, guys.

It’s $2 worth of beautiful prose and characters that are far more developed than some authors manage to write in entire books. I’m getting my hands on more of Katherine Mansfield’s work as soon as possible… I need to know as much as I can about this woman!!

5/5 Stars



6 thoughts on “Review: Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield

  1. Mmm delicious little black penguin! I’m glad you liked it, I might have to hunt down a copy. Do you mind me asking where you purchased the books? I’ve only seen them online, or did you get them online?

    • They’re ridiculously lovely! I got mine at Dymocks, I’ve seen them in a couple of other stores too though. There’s a collection of all of Katherine Mansfield’s short stories on The Book Depository for about $4.45 AUD as well, if you want to take the leap and get all of them!

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