**Closed** Reading Ireland Month Giveaway! #Begorrathon2015

Reading Ireland Month is being run by by Cathy746Books and The Fluff is Raging and is affectionately known as the Begorrathon. This month, bloggers unite to read and review a range of Irish literature, film and music in celebration of Irish culture! What better way to spend St Patrick’s Day (and month!) than having a great time with Irish lit?

Well, my very lovely people, I’ve had a rather shoddy Reading Ireland Month. I had wonderful intentions, but sadly due to uni commitments I couldn’t do the reading or writing that I wanted to do. Apparently I’m not superhuman, which came as a complete surprise to me.

To make it up to you all, I thought I’d do a giveaway. I’ve never done one of these before, but now is as good a time as any!

I will be giving away one set of the P.C O’Neill novels by Matt McGuire, so one lucky person will be sent both Dark Dawn and When Sorrows Come, via The Book Depository!

Belfast. January 2005. Acting Detective Sergeant John O’Neill stands over the body of a dead teenager. The corpse was discovered on the building site of a luxury development overlooking the River Lagan. Kneecapped then killed, the body bears the hallmarks of a punishment beating. But this is the new Northern Ireland – the Celtic Tiger purrs, the Troubles are over, the paramilitaries are gone. So who is the boy? Why was he killed? O’Neill quickly realises that no one cares who the kid is – his colleagues, the politicians, the press – making this case one of the toughest yet. And he needs to crack this one, his first job as Principle Investigator, or he risks ending up back in uniform. Disliked by the Chief Inspector and with his current rank yet to be ratified, O’Neill is in a precarious position. With acute insight, Matt McGuire’s cracking debut exposes the hidden underbelly of the new Northern Ireland, a world of drug dealing, financial corruption and vigilante justice.

Belfast, 2am, Tomb Street. A young man lies dead in an alley. Cracked ribs, broken jaw, fractured skull. With the Celtic Tiger purring and the Troubles in their death throes, Detective Sergeant John O’Neill is called to investigate. Meanwhile O’Neill’s partner, DI Jack Ward, a veteran troubles detective, is receiving death threats from an unknown source…When Sorrows Come is a brutal expose of the criminal underworld in the new Northern Ireland, a place where the dead are not all created equal.

Last year I read Dark Dawn and absolutely loved it. I want to share the love and help get some recognition for Northern Irish crime writers. They have their own unique style and a gritty feel, which I just love. I love Northern Ireland as well, so I think Belfast and it’s surrounds are such a great place to set a novel. The slow death of The Troubles also gives Northern Irish literature an extra edge, which really can’t be replicated elsewhere.

If you’d like to win a copy of Dark Dawn and When Sorrows Come by Matt McGuire, comment below, telling me about your favourite thing about Ireland and Irish literature!

This competition is international- the only limitation to who can enter is whether or not The Book Depository delivers to your country! I think they deliver to most places, so you should be fine, just check their website if you’re not sure.

This giveaway will close on the 20th of March 2015, at 11.59pm AEST, so best get cracking!

Please feel free to enter! Good luck!


17 thoughts on “**Closed** Reading Ireland Month Giveaway! #Begorrathon2015

  1. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to enter or not, but I’d love to read these! I’ll reblog this on my page if you don’t mind. Plus, you’ve been great so far for Reading Ireland Month, I think you are being too hard on yourself!

  2. I hadn’t heard of Matt McGuire before, but these books sound really great. I’m Canadian but I lived in Belfast in 97-98 on a university foreign study program. I absolutely loved it there. I still have some good friends from that time and great memories of living in Belfast. I’ve been back to visit, but not in many years. I read a ton of Irish and N. Irish literature when I lived there and for the years afterwards. I love to hear about who folks are reading in Ireland these days. In Canada, we tend to hear mostly about the big name Irish writers, but I would love to read some of the lesser known writers as well, and more writers from the North!

    • He’s quite an unknown author, but well respected as an academic. He’s really lovely and I know he puts so much research into them.
      I’m so jealous! I’d love to study there! It must have been an interesting political situation then, I bet people were nervous about you going! Even when I went last year, people were trying to warn me off Belfast. So glad I didn’t listen, coz I adore it there.
      We too get the big names, but I love finding some smaller gems 🙂 good luck!

  3. Excellent giveaway! I too have struggled to read Irish authors this month even though I was DYING to and had planned for it. I’m hoping to fit more in before the end of the month though, but the reviews may not be scheduled in time. #lifefail. I haven’t read enough Irish literature AT ALL, and I should be ashamed of myself being Irish and all. I’m immensely proud of our wee country though because there are so many world recognised authors who come from here, and I’ve often heard people say the Irish are great story tellers. That’s one of my favourite things about Ireland actually, the old-school style communities and how we can band together when times get tough, even if it’s with a pint of the black stuff at a local pub. What? We’re world recognised for our love of a drink (or three) too! 😀

    • Thanks love! It’s so frustrating, I was so pumped for it, but with uni and the amount of reading I need to do for that, all I want to do is sleep 😦
      I’m hoping to fit a bit more in, we’ll see.
      Ireland does have so many famous writers! It’s amazing how many there are from such a tiny country.
      I love that about the Irish. I think it’s more than a little bit of the Irish influence and background here that makes us behave the same way.
      I’d die for a pint of Guinness right now. It doesn’t taste as good here! Hahahaha, that definitely came over in the boat too 😉

  4. I love the Irish people, so warm, witty and welcoming! As far as Irish authors, i confess to loving the “women’s” writers such as Maeve Binchy and Marian Keyes but I also am a long time fan of Fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey and a new fan of Tana French and I’d love to read these two crime novels!

  5. The thing that comes to mind about Ireland is the fact that its one of those places still attuned to nature and the people there are so straightforward and heavily defined by their culture. I’m looking for colleges there, and hopefully I find a good one! 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    • They are! I heard a story about a group of road workers who refused to disturb a “fairy tree”, so they got another lot to come and they refused as well. They’re so in tune to nature and superstition.
      Ooh good luck! I’m trying to go to uni in Scotland, it’s a daunting challenge!
      Not a problem, good luck!

      • That is such a sweet story! I want to start reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon just cause its based in Scotland 😀 Have you read it?

      • It made me laugh, it’s such a perfectly Irish story! I have tried but I realllllly didn’t like the main character, she was so annoying! Jamie Fraser is pretty gorgeous though 😉

  6. I’m a huge crime fan (obviously!) and I commented to Cathy the other day it’s now a case of, “Look out Tartan Noir – here comes Celtic Noir!” There are so many massively talented Irish crime writers, but it’s the ones from the North I’m really noticing right now – Stuart Neville, Adrian McKinty and Anthony J Quinn are three whose books I all have, but I’m looking forward to being introduced to more – like Matt McGuire. I’ve often read that literature can only comment on events once they’re over, perhaps bringing some understanding, and so it seems to be with the Troubles – and what a rich seam of stories they have to mine! (A great crossover book between Scotland and Ireland is Liam McIlvanney’s All The Colours Of The Town, which examines sectarianism in Scotland and the influence Ireland exerted, and the support it received, from across the water. Highly recommended.) So this prize would be one I’d love to receive! And I too must read some Irish fiction too!

    • I’ve never come across Tartan Noir in crime! I’m totally obsessed with Scotland, maybe I need to hunt some down 😉 Maybe Ireland is going to start beating Scandanavian Noir!
      Even if you don’t win this, definitely check Matt out, he’s fabulous and deserves attention. Since he’s my supervisor at uni, I know how much he works his arse off for these books- we all joke that he disappears into Mattland and then returns! And since he works on literatures of conflict and violence and grew up in Belfast, he knows his Troubles. I probably should put the disclaimer that I’m giving this book set away coz it’s in my budget and because I love the books, not for payment or academic brownie points. If they were written by Taggart himself I’d still be giving these babies away =P
      I’m going to put that book on my TBR list for sure!! It sounds fabulous! I’ve downloaded it onto my Kindle, can’t wait to get some fun reading done, damn uni.
      Thanks for following and entering!! Good luck!!

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