Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Favourite Heroines!

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Everyone loves an amazing heroine. I love one who is a bit extraordinary- smart, sassy, tough… all of the above, perhaps? I like having a heroine who I can relate to, who feels real but has that little extra oomph!

I love coming across an awesome heroine, to counter all the Mary Sues that seem to dominate books at the moment.

After doing this list, I’m a bit sad about how difficult it was to think of heroines who fit my description of a heroine. Perhaps I’m reading the wrong books, but they seem to be few and far between… hopefully more female heroines will come along in the future!

1. Eowyn

She’s super nice to Merry and believes he’s capable of doing great things, even though he’s small. She pretended to be a soldier so she could go into battle! If that wasn’t badass enough, she then stopped a beast from eating her dying uncle, slayed it, then slayed the freaking Witch King of Angmar! THEN, she got with the hunky Faramir. Not bad, not bad at all…

2. Hermione Grangerย 

She’s intelligent as all hell and she knows it. She uses that intelligence to be an insanely amazing student. She cares about the rights of beings less fortunate than herself, even though she gets laughed at. She stands up to Ron and Harry all the time when they tease her about something. She saved Harry from Nagini at Bertha Jorkins’ house and got them both out before Voldy got there. She kept her head while being tortured. She then rode a dragon, fought in a battle and got the guy. She THEN goes on to whip the crap out of the Ministry of Magic and make it awesome.

3. Anne Shirley

She’s got an amazing imagination, empathy, survived a horrible past and still comes out of it to be loving. She’s also really clever and gets into such funny situations. She learns from her mistakes. She does what she feels is the right thing to do, even though it might be the hardest path to take.

4. Juliet Ashton


She’s smart, sassy and has the best friends ever. She also writes really fantastic letters. She realises her flaws, yet plays on her strengths. She won’t let a man push her around and treat her like an object… and if they try, she throws a teapot at them. Hell yeah!

5. Jane Eyre


She’s come through a horrible childhood, but knows that if she keeps her head down and works hard, she can make her situation in life better. She has morals and refuses to be Rochester’s mistress once she learns about the Attic Situation. She’s not afraid to wander about the moors to get away from a bad situation, even though it’s literally killing her. She’s good and kind. She won’t be caged!

6. ย Leslie May

She’s a kick arse cop who teaches herself to do magic when she’s suffering from having her face exploded. She doesn’t let Peter get away with his usual crap, always having a sassy and smart comment to bring him back to earth. She’s not afraid to tackle a criminal and chase vampires about.

7. Celia Bowen

She’s caught up in a game she doesn’t understand, against the very person she wishes she wasn’t fighting. She puts up with crap from her father, but finds ways to elude him and his toxic influence. She’s a naturally gifted illusionist and magician, able to do an amazing range of magical acts. She values love and friendship above all else, working to make the world more magical and beautiful.

8. Leisel Meminger

Leisel is such a wonderful child. She’s had some horrific experiences and had her life turned upside down, but she has this spark of energy and a desire to learn that I love. She doesn’t really understand the society she lives in, but realised the danger she and her family face.

9. Elizabeth Bennett

She takes no crap from the Bingley sisters and refuses to give in to Darcy’s first (rather rudely worded) proposal. She gets some criticism for only starting to like him once she’s seen his estate, but I think it was more the love that the “little people” in the area had towards him that swayed her. She’s educated and has sassy comebacks to everything- even the awful Lady Catherine De Bourgh!

10. Anne Elliot

Two Austen heroines have snuck in here!

I love Anne because she’s so introverted. I see some of myself in her, in the ways she’s self conscious, hates parties, gets overlooked and doesn’t have as much confidence in herself as others do. She totally believes that there’s no way Wentworth could love her now that she’s older and everyone says she’s lost her spark. I have no idea how she puts up with her family, but she does so in far better grace than I ever could.


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Favourite Heroines!

  1. This is such a fantastic list! Hermione and Eowyn are on my list as well, but I definitely should have also included Celia Bowen, Leisel Meminger, and Elizabeth Bennett! I have yet to read Jane Eyre (gasp! I know, I know) but I can already tell that she’s going to be a really great heroine.

    I agree- although I think the situation might be improving, many of the heroines in books nowadays are sort of Mary Sue-like. I think it might be because there is such a focus on romance. How can you focus on saving the world or defeating evil when all you can think about is that dreamy guy over there? Eowyn and Hermione are such influential heroines because, even though there is still romance in their stories, the courageousness, action, and independence comes first. It is not the main focus of their stories, nor is it the deciding factor in their happiness. We need more heroines like them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was inwardly cheering all the way through this. My biggest cheers were for Jane, Hermione and Leisel. Oh, would that they were real. Also, this from your Jane Eyre comment made me chuckle rather a lot: ‘the Attic Situation’. The day you have all of your literary criticism will be the day I couldn’t be prouder of you. Fabulous list!

    • Thank you, o effervescent one!
      They’re all so great! I wish they were real, I want them to be my friends and we’d go about and be awesome…. Hell, I’d even just be happy to carry their shopping ๐Ÿ˜›
      Awwwwwwww โค

      • Me too, me too! We could form an uber gang (sorry for presuming I’d be invited along to join the fun if that’s not the case. ;)).

      • Hahahaha! It told me that my response hadn’t uploaded yesterday, so I’m sorry for reiterating my initial response. I love the idea of this party. I feel we should add social awkwardness in there somewhere too (largely for me, I imagine!). ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Noooo, definitely for me too! I wonder how much awkward we could conquer together…. you being awkward and me being awkward AND being deaf, mishearing things. Thus, doubling the potential for awkward. We’d get in the Guinuess World Records =P

      • Me too, me too! (I am taking the liberty of hoping I’d be invited along too, to this lovely little gang. Sorry if that is not the case. I will happily trail behind you, bowing every so often.)

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