Top Ten Tuesday: My Book Related Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme run by The Broke and The Bookish!

Every book nerd has book related problems. We all do, no matter how hard we try, it’s just an inevitability.

1. Space

I am rapidly, rapidly running out of space for my books. I keep reorganising my bookshelves in the hope of fitting more in. Sometimes (like last week), I manage to make a dent in it and fit stuff in… but oftentimes I don’t. I have a rather ingenious little system going!

2. People moving my books

My aforementioned ingenious system works on the proviso that nobody touches my stuff. I know where everything is as long as they remain in the same spot. My dad has this habit of moving stuff around and throwing things out without asking, which leads to me panicking over a lost book every few weeks!

3. Lack of bookmarks

I think bookmarks disappear to hang out with all the missing socks and bobby pins. I have SO MANY of them, be it free ones from the library or in The Book Depository parcels, gifts or really pretty ones that I’ve bought. Inevitably, when I need one, there is none to be found. That’s when train tickets, mobile phones, pens and receipts come into play!

This is also why I don’t use my leather bookmark collection that I began collecting in the UK! They have these amazing bookmarks in the touristy places with the location and little pictures printed on them (I have the exact one pictured here). I went crazy over them and began collecting them from wherever I went! If I went somewhere and they didn’t have a leather bookmark, my disappointment was tragic. They’re great things to collect, since they’re small, cheap, light, portable, useful, full of memories and smell nice.

I guard those bookmarks like Gollum guarded the ring- they’re too precious to lose!

4. Losing interest

I’m really bad with this. I buy a whole heap of books because I’m super interested in a topic or an author for a month or so, then lose interest and don’t pick them up again for ages. It’s a really, really bad (and expensive!) habit!

5. Being intimidated

I’ve discussed in my Bookish Resolutions TTT postย about how I get intimidated by certain books. It’s a habit I’m trying to get out of, but it’s been slow going. I’m gaining confidence though and I absolutely know I’m capable of reading whatever I want to!

6. Rushing

Since I began blogging, I’ve fallen into the habit of rushing to finish books so I can write up my review. This has also lead to me selecting far more short books than I used to, which is limiting in it’s own way. I’m working to overcome this habit, as I want to enjoy the books I read and not get annoyed if I can’t finish them in a day.

7. Abandoning books

Another nasty habit, but one I’ve been doing since forever. I feel a bit bad about it and often hang onto the book for a while, unless I really had a reason to hate it. Often my good intentions come to nothing, but at least the intention was there. I’m particularly likely to do this with slow classics or short story collections.

8. Getting too many books at the library

…Then feeling bad that I haven’t even touched them before returning them. I went to the library this weekend to get a couple of things and came home with 9 books, on top of the 5 I already had at home on my desk!

I just go mental and borrowย whatever grabs my attention, even though I know I have no time to read them!

9. Getting upset that the covers aren’t perfect after reading them

I really like having my covers perfect… at least the front cover. Cracked spines don’t bother me at all, but bumped corners, ripped covers and smudges upset me. I’m not particularly hard on my books, but I don’t handle them with kid gloves either.

If a book gets particularly messy or damaged, I do donate it or give it away to someone who won’t mind so much. I once bought a second hand copy ofย Atonement even though it was quite damaged, but ended up donating it because when it came down to reading it, the damage bothered me too much!

10. Caving in to hype

I can’t remember the last super hyped up book that I really enjoyed. I usually get really disappointed when everyone I know adores a book that I thought was pretty rubbish or just not that good! Sometimes I buy or read books based on the hype surrounding them, but often I’m disappointed by them not reaching my high hopes.

Sometimes I have to wonder if the hype originates from a particularly expensive marketing campaign, especially when it comes from Booktube, but maybe my tin foil hat is just sitting a bit too jauntily.


37 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Book Related Problems

  1. Bookish problems! I like this TTT. I have the space issue too. And you know how I combat the cover issue? I cover ALL my books in clear contact. It fixes everything!

  2. Hey, I too end up borrowing way too many books from college library despite having tons at home already ๐Ÿ˜› I think its a given, what with our love of books!

  3. Oh! Oh! I completely understand the borrowing too many books at the library! ME TOO. I’m awful about bringing home like 10 books and having no conceivable way to read them all before due date. -_- It’s the bane of my life. But I really really really like books. xD Here’s my TTT!

  4. Ironically cracked spines don’t annoy me either, but bent/torn covers do. I don’t like when spines are totally misused to the point where the image starts peeling and stuff, but a crack is a good thing to me. It means I hit the halfway mark, it means I’m still reading it, to me it’s like when a person does a stretch, you know those stretches that just feel yummy?? That’s what cracking a book spine is to me. Haha, I’m officially insane. R x

    My TTT:

    • I agree! With some books, like a crappy romance series, a cracked spine is the only way I can work out which of them I’ve read ๐Ÿ˜› rips annoy me so much! Even worse, when the book gets wet… I had a bottle of sea salt spray come open in my duffel bag on the way down to Melbourne the other day, going all over my clothes and one of the books in my bag ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it was salvageable but it just doesn’t feel the same!

  5. I keep an enormous box of bookmarks under my bed. Anything I run across—ticket stubs, letters, even Valentines—I put in the box and use as bookmarks.

    Here’s my Top Ten!

    • I used a museum ticket today for a bookmark, as I forgot mine! I’m going to be leaving it in there as a reminder ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe one day someone will come across it, like I mentioned in my last post.
      I’ve been known to use my phone, a pillow, another book and clothing tags as bookmarks!

  6. Is it just me or does it seem that booktubers praise every single book? I don’t think I’ve ever come across a negative review. I try not to be too enthusiastic when it comes to placing book requests at the library because they all seem to come in at once. Although if I request two, it takes them forever to come in, but the moment I request five, suddenly they are all available and I feel overwhelmed!

    • You’re so right! Especially if it’s a new release that everyone else likes. It doesn’t help matters at all! It makes me never trust the opinions of the ones who never criticise anything. It also feeds the hype and makes me wonder if the publishing houses pay them to say only good things, or if they do it coz they fear backlash, especially if it’s a really popular book or series. I think it was Peruse Project who sometimes does this, but then did a review of books she wished she hadn’t been so nice to that she thought were overhyped.. And my god, the comment section went berserk!

      • I’ve heard murmurings of a conflict of interest when it comes to “sponsored” reviews and booktubers. As strange as it sounds, I appreciate a little negativity, being honest in a positive way is easy, being honest in a negative way lends you more credibility. And I might be a terrible person for saying so, but I just find most booktubers to be so loud. I must be getting old because I’m just put off by the sheer volume.

      • I agree, I’ve heard rumours and they don’t surprise me at all. During the whole #BeCritical debacle, there was a whole lot of dirty laundry getting aired about that sort of stuff.
        I like a bit of negativity too! I don’t think everything is perfect, nor should it be! I’ve had a really lucky run this year so far with my books, but only a couple I can say with confidence that I loved and thought were near perfect.
        HAHAHA oh god, I’m wondering if you’re thinking of the one I’m thinking of… (clue- she’s buggered up her voice box from being loud, now she talks quietly in videos and it’s so much better) I don’t know why they think they need to yell!

  7. Great list! I tend to get too many books from the library as well, when I should just be focusing on my TBR pile that is so massive. I also tend to lose interest, which sucks, because I’ll really want to read something but then I’ll forget about it and by the time I see it again I’m not interested at all. Thanks for sharing!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  8. I am the same way with losing interest. Right now I’m working my way through a pile of nonfiction books I bought like 5 years ago after I read an article about the best books about fashion you need to read. I think I read like two of them at the time and now have a bunch just sitting around making me feel guilty.

  9. I share 1, 2(lightly), 3, 5 and 8. Esp.8. My local library has an annual Fines Amnesty Month. Some people get so embarassed to be told they have a fine, since the rest of the queue will hear, that they never come back to the library. So the Library encourages everyone back in October: all forgiven, no questions asked.
    I abuse this system. I treat it as a bonansa, and go crazy on books and DVD boxsets.

    • I wish mine had that! I only use my university library because I refuse to pay an $85 fine at the local council one- it was them that lost the books, not me!

      • That sucks. I have almost given up asking for unusual titles at mine. If they do order something in for me on an interlibrary loan it can sometimes cost more than buying a copy.

    • Bookmarks seem to be a problem for everyone! It was so hard to narrow it down to just 10 problems… I usually struggle to find 10 things for TTT!

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