The Book Haul That Should Not Exist But Does

So…. you may remember that I said in my Bookish Goals and TBR Challenge that I wouldn’t buy any more books. Yeah. Didn’t happen. But I have some lovely new books!

I got a few from The Book Depository, which are mostly for university but a few for my general reading happiness. They haven’t all turned up in the mail yet, but I’ve linked to the editions I got!

1) The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

This one is a lovely Persephone book. It must be an older edition, as it doesn’t have the usual dove grey cover. I’ve heard such wonderful things about this Scottish novel.

2) A London Child of the 1870’s by Molly Hughes

I honestly can’t really remember why I got this particular book. I did have some reasoning to do with university but it’s slipped my mind… oops!

3) Death of a Hero by Richard Aldington 

This one is a book I’ve been told to read for uni, but the library didn’t have a copy because they’re hopeless. It’s only pretty cheap and if I end up wanting to write notes all over it, better it be my copy rather than a library book!

4) The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami

I bought this because the illustrations are so, so pretty. I’m really excited for this to turn up in the mail!

5) Virginia Woolf by Hermione Lee

Another book for uni, because again, my university library is hopeless and doesn’t have a copy… they did but it’s been lost.

I got another book from a website called Better World Books, which I’d never used before, because the book I needed for uni cost $97 at The Book Depository! I nearly fell of my chair! I hope that edition weaves straw into gold for you! It’s a used copy of Bid Me to Live by H.D, which sounds really interesting. Again, it’s a uni book that my library didn’t have, probably because they fell off their chairs when they saw the price too… especially considering it’s only a short novel!

I’m just hoping that one turns up in one piece, preferably with a cover. But then again, it was $7.50, I can’t ask for too much. The website did send a rather cute postage confirmation though, so here’s hoping!

I then went with a friend to a book sale at Elizabeth’s Bookshop in Newtown. This is a great new and used indie book chain with a few stores in Sydney and Perth. They had a sale for Australia Day, so we braved the ridiculous heat to hunt for a bargain. It ended up being better for my friend, who nabbed a heap of books for her work as a primary school teacher, but I grabbed two paperbacks.

1) Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams         2015-01-25 18.48.47

Now I own the 2nd and 5th books in the Hitch-Hikers series, in true Adams style!

2)  Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon           2015-01-25 18.49.04

I grabbed this because it was $2 and the series is pretty fun.

I also grabbed a famous Elizabeth’s Blind Date With A Book! Again, I was super lucky with my pick, because it was a book I’d just been telling my friend that I wanted! She wasn’t so lucky, as she picked up a book that she already owned (but she did love it, so it’s not all bad)

2015-01-25 18.50.48

3) Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue

We then wandered around Newtown for a while and I grabbed a couple of books from Better Read Than Dead on King Street. I love the name of this shop and they have a great Instagram page! They were a little bit on the expensive side but it’s an indie shop so it’s understandable. The prices of these two were on par with what I’ve seen elsewhere, so I grabbed them.

I picked up

1) Orlando by Virginia Woolf

I really like this cover! I was going to get Orlando at Elizabeth’s but didn’t like the two they had available- I’m glad I held out a bit longer now. Not overly enthusiastic for more Woolf but I shall survive, as it’s the last one I absolutely must read in the near future thank the merciful gods.

2) The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson

I haven’t read this Aussie classic yet, but it sounds like something I’ll really enjoy. I absolutely adore these Penguin Australian Classics hardback editions, I’m hoping to grab a couple more of them- there’s a few I know I won’t like or read and hated, so I won’t be getting the whole set. They have gorgeously designed covers, coloured edges and coloured page numbers and titles! So very pretty and they’ll be a joy to read!

2015-01-25 18.49.402015-01-25 18.49.54

2015-01-25 18.48.37

THEN on Tuesday, I was going to a doctor’s appointment when I stopped to grab some lunch. The plan was to go looking for a dress before the appointment, but there was a huge shower of rain and my route to the shop was totally uncovered, so I decided to stay dry and stop in Kinokuniya and wait for the rain to pass. Unfortunately, it didn’t, so I got drenched on my way to the doctor, but I picked up a few more books I’ve had my eye on.

1) The Master and Margarita by Mikhael Bulgakov2015-01-28 14.51.062015-01-28 14.50.55

This is also on my reading list for university. I wasn’t planning on buying an actual hardcopy of this, but the new Vintage Magic edition is gorgeous! They’re those silky kind of covers, and if you collect all the books in that edition, their back covers make up a picture… I won’t be doing that, but the idea is awesome!

(Sorry about the price sticker! I like to keep them on uni books so I remember how much they were at tax time!)

2) The Complete Poems of Keats

2015-01-28 14.51.44This one was an impulse buy, because I realised I’ve read no Keats and thought I should rectify that situation. I’m planning on teaching some more poetry to one of my tutoring students, so Keats may be a good one to start with.

3) The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

2015-01-28 14.51.33

I’m hoping this will impress me more than The Great Gatsby did, but I have plans for this book… hopefully all shall be revealed soon!

4) The Heather Blazing by Colm Toibin

2015-01-28 14.51.22

I’m always amazed when I find Toibin in a bookshop here, as he’s really quite unknown, but Kinokuniya is famous for having everything. I ended up getting this because I was going to put it on my Book Depository wish list but the only version they have available has a really ugly cover.

2015-01-28 14.52.52

So… that is my hideously huge book haul. I really, really didn’t intend to get so many, but now I have them and they will be read, many of them sooner rather than later! Actually writing them all down has made me feel a bit terrible, but I absolutely will read at least half by the end of February, or so help me god.

I’m truly going to die in a book avalanche one day. Or they’re all going to come alive and eat me.



9 thoughts on “The Book Haul That Should Not Exist But Does

  1. I think I might die the same way actually…. And hey, who said it would be a bad thing? 😉

    PS- dropped your book in the mail yesterday. They couldn’t give me a definite date for its arrival to you, but I would venture to guess be on the lookout in 2 weeks or so.

  2. I hope you enjoy your new books. I have read The Beautiful and Damned sadly I didn’t like it anymore than The Great Gatsby but I am now reading Tender is the Night and feel I have a better connection with the characters.

    • Oh dear… that isn’t too promising. I’ve heard good things about Tender is the Night, maybe he’ll be Fitzgerald’s last chance if I don’t like The Beautiful and Damned!

    • Aw thank you! I’ll definitely be reviewing most of them as I go- I sometimes don’t review uni books, since I already have to write about them so much. Are there any in particular you’d like to see a review of?

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