20 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me Tag

Thanks to Confessions of a Book Geek for tagging me in this fun tag!

1. How Tall Are You?

I’m 172cm tall, which I think is about 5 foot 7ish. So taller than pretty much all of my friends!

2. Do You Have A Hidden Talent? If So, What?

I don’t play any instruments or anything, but I have a hyper-mobility syndrome, so I can do some freaky party tricks with my joints…

I’m also kind of a speed reader, which seems to freak people out more than I thought it would!

3. What’s Your Biggest Blogging Related Pet-Peeve?

When I put tons of effort into a particular post, then zero effort into another one… and guess which is the popular one. Not a huge problem but it still bugs me!

4. What’s Your Biggest Non-Blogging Related Pet-Peeve?

Ooooh… Bad drivers. My brother playing stupidly loud music when I’m trying to sleep. People being rude to disabled people. Australia’s asylum seeker policy. Geoblocking. Tony Abbott. My WIFI connection being crappy.

5. What’s Your Favourite Song?

Ohhhhh. That’s cruel!

Look, I’m going to pick a top 3 of general favourites.

1) Nevermore by Queen

2) Run to Paradise by The Choirboys

3) Sherry by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

6. What’s Your Favourite Etsy Shop?

I don’t think I have one! I usually just look for whatever it is I’m looking for at the time!

7. What’s Your Favourite Way To Spend Your Free Time When You’re Alone?

I read… A lot. Kind of obvious.

I also like to watch Youtube videos, walk my dog, listen to music and watch the occasional movie or documentary!

8. What’s Your Favourite Junk Food?

Anything sweet. I’m not a huge savoury person, but sweet anything is dangerous.

9. Do You Have Pets?

2014-03-06 16.17.20-1

I have a doglet called Mirri and two goldfish called Leonard and Sheldon who belong to me. Then we have 3 other dogs and 3 kitties… then birds. Eep.

10. What Are Your Favourite Fiction and Non-Fiction Books?

Favourite fiction… Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, and a few classics et al. I talk about them a lot!

Favorite non fictions include a ton of history books on various topics. Maybe I’ll do a post about them somewhen!

11. What Are Your Favourite Beauty Products?

I love MAC lipsticks, Rimmel translucent setting powder and the Benefit red lip tint. I’m also a wee bit obsessive about my brows being filled in, so for them I use a MAC brown eye shadow or Benefit Brow compact thingy, depends on how bothered I am with doing them.

12. When Were You Last Embarrassed?

I accidentally ran a red light last week… that was pretty embarrassing.

But the worst/funniest embarrassments I’ve had relate to being deaf in one ear and mishearing what people say. Like when I thought my surgeon said his cat had syphilis or when I thought Dad’s work colleague asked me for a glass of wine when she wanted water. At least they were ones I could laugh at!

13. If You Could Drink One Beverage For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Hmmmmm… Probably water. Coz It’s healthy. But if I’m already allowed water, I want Irn Bru.

I’m fair dinkum an Irn Bru demon.

14. What’s Your Favourite Movie?

Uhhhh… Without the obvious Harry Potter and LOTR, I’d go Stardust, The Princess Bride, Sense and Sensibility and To Kill a Mockingbird. Oh! And Roman Holiday.

15. What Were You In High School? Jock, Geek, Cheerleader etc.

Mega Nerd trying to fit in by hiding it. So Nerd, coz I wasn’t very effective. We don’t have cheerleaders, but I’d be a dreadful one, I don’t have a sporting bone in my body.

On a side note, I internally giggle when someone calls people jocks. Coz that means underpants. YOU ARE A PAIR OF GROTTY JOCKS, MY FRIEND. SKIDMARKS ERRRRRYWHERE.

16. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

Edinburgh or Belfast. I’ll take the cold weather, because I’d be in Scotland or Ireland, within a few hours of London but not actually in London, and I love those two cities like the world is ending.

17. PC Or Mac?

Mac! I moved to Mac a few years ago and now I cannot stand Windows.

18. Last Romantic Gesture From A Crush/Date/Boyfriend?

19. Favourite Celeb?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, Cate Blanchett, Stephen Fry, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving.

20. Which Bloggers Do You Secretly Want To Be Friends With?

It’s weird coz I totally didn’t think I’d make actual people friends through blogging, but I have, so if I talk to you, I probably want to be friends.

If anyone wants to do this tag, DO IT. Then let me know so I can see!


8 thoughts on “20 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me Tag

  1. That happens to me too! I write a piece that I think is brilliant and nobody comments. Then when I write something that I’m sure no one will read, I get a ton of comments! It must be some sort of blogging curse or something.

    I just saw To Kill a Mockingbird for the second time this weekend, and my goodness, that movie’s good. I still prefer the book, but the movie was fantastic as well. And I love that scene from Roman Holiday!

    • It’s so frustrating! It happens to me so often1 Maybe we should put zero effort into everything and we’ll become super-bloggers with trillion dollar book deals ;P
      Ooh isn’t Gregory Peck gorgeous?! I love the story behind that scene, it makes me love them both even more =)

    • Thanks =) She’s definitely my baby, I adore her… she’s great for snuggles and stays up with me when I can’t sleep. She’s a bit grumpy but then so am I!
      Yay! It’s such a great movie, I love both Peck and Hepburn!

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