My TBR challenge for 2015

So this year, as per my bookish goals for 2015, I’m trying to knock over some of the books I’ve had for AGES. I have books I bought in 2007 still on my shelves that I haven’t even touched yet.

I have also culled a fair few books that I know I’m not going to read, whether it be because I’m just not interested anymore, because I’ve decided I really don’t like the author for whatever reason or because I’ve read them and don’t want to keep them anymore. Though, I immediately bought more books, so that really didn’t help. My bookshelf looks fresher though, which makes me feel more like reading what I have already!

I’ve decided to do the Popsugar 2015 Challenge, using only books I have on my physical shelves… I think it says a lot that I can actually do it for the most part! I’m obviously missing a few books- for example, I don’t own an unread trilogy, so I may use Kindle books to take up that slack. I’ve also been fairly liberal with my interpretation of some of the points… I don’t own a graphic novel, so I’ve gone by the definition of “graphic” meaning that it has graphic themes.
For this challenge, I’ve written a list and I’m hoping to mostly stick to it, since it’s fairly diverse- I won’t feel trapped by it too much until the end, but I’m hoping my love of crossing things off a list will kick in!

I’ve included many classics, newer fiction and other bits in there, so I’ll still be ticking things off my Classics Club Challenge list as well as staying relatively up to date with newer books!

So far, from that challenge, I’ve read:
Persuasion by Jane Austen (Classic romance)
A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle (Colour in the Title)
Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen (genre I don’t normally read)

I also have a TBR Jar that has similar categories in it to pick from if I’m feeling a bit stuck- it’s worked for me already, having read my first Orange Penguin of the year from my choice in the jar, which was Hedda Gabler!

I’m also hoping to be involved in as many read-a-thons as I can this year, time permitting. As for my Bout-of-Books wrap up, I finished all the books that I mentioned in my update post, plus Persuasion and most of To the Lighthouse, which was pretty good seeing as I didn’t expect to finish much more at all! In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have picked up either of those books, as they were slower reads and not exactly readathon material, but I really felt like reading Persuasion and had to get To the Lighthouse read for university, so it was probably timely.

I’m just really hoping to cut down on some books I’ve had sitting there for ages, get rid of titles I’ve lost interest in and hopefully find some gems in there that I’ve been missing!


8 thoughts on “My TBR challenge for 2015

  1. I have similar goals for 2015, especially about cutting down my physical TBR. I think I only own about thirty unread books (I should probably organize them somehow, huh?) but for me that’s a lot of unread stuff just lying around for months and months (and perhaps even years, haha). Best of luck with your goals! 🙂

  2. I was looking at my bookshelf yesterday and realised that some of my books are actually covered with dust. It can be hard to motivate yourself, especially when bright new shiny books are constantly popping up on my newsfeed! Good luck! 🙂

    • I know! That’s the exact realisation I came to, plus that I literally had no idea what had possessed me to buy some of the books!
      I found even switching them around a bit made them look a bit more interesting and reading the blurbs made me remember how excited I was for some of them 🙂
      But yeah, the bright new shiny books with pretty covers and everyone raving about them really make it hard!
      Thanks! Here’s hoping the enthusiasm doesn’t die 😛

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the intro to the Popsugar Reading Challenge. I’ve used Goodreads Reading Challenge for the last two years and have crazily surpassed my targets (I’ve read 565 books in the last two years) yet I have unread books on my shelves that have been there since high school (and I graduated in 2005). I need the motivation to get through these! I also find I tend to read a lot of the same genres/authors as once I find something I like I devour the whole collection. Hopefully this challenge will make me mix it up a bit!

    The other thing encouraging me to read the books on my bookshelves is a reluctance to throw out unread books, yet I have limited shelf space (and have exhausted all the walls in my bedroom) and have yet to fit the books I received for Christmas onto these shelves. My plan is to read, donate the books I don’t intend to re-read and then finally fit everything in! I vaguely remember making a resolution in 2008 to not buy any new books until I’d read everything on my shelves, but I think that may have lasted all of a week.

    • I’m glad to have helped! I’m the same, I have unread books on my shelf that I bought way back in year 9! They absolutely must either be read or go by the end of the year!
      I’m reluctant to get rid of books too! What if I get rid of a book that I’ll absolutely love and will change my life!? I can’t take that risk! 😛
      Whoa, 565 books in two years, that’s epic! Here I was patting myself on the back for getting through 86 last year! Add me on Goodreads?
      Space is a major issue… Why won’t people understand that we need all available wall space for books?! It’s so unfair!
      I either get super enthusiastic about an author and devour their books, or get enthusiastic, but all their books and then not read them coz the enthusiasm wanes after a couple of weeks… It’s bad. And I too tend to read in my little comfort zone and not move enough, I’ve been trying much harder since I’ve been blogging!

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