Review: Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks

After pursuing the Daleks through Space, Doctor Who lands on the Planet of Spiridon, in the midst of a tropical jungle… and finds more than Daleks. Vicious plants spitting deadly poison, invisible Spiridons attacking from all sides and, in hiding, a vast army waits… for the moment to mobilise and conquer.

Pretty much, the synopsis tells you all you need to know about this novella. It was great fun for the hour so so that it lasted!

I enjoyed the inter-species cooperation and the fact that they didn’t shy away from killing off some of the good guys. Since I haven’t read the story before this one, I didn’t know the full backstory, but as I understand it, The Master shot The Third Doctor, which is why he was knocked out for the first chapter or so, and creates much of the tension for the first half of the story. It’s a bit cute how worried The Doctor and Jo were about each other, so I cheered a little bit when that all sorted itself out!

I must go back and grab some more of these little classic Who novels, they’re great little books for a fun hour so so!


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