My Favourite Antique Books!

I’m rather partial to an antique book, and have quite a collection going! I thought I would show you my very favourites, made up of some I’ve bought and some I’ve inherited from family. They all hold a special place in my heart!


This book was bought for me by my mum and remains one of my most favourite books. It’s a pity that this book is out of print, as it’s just lovely. It’s about a family of sisters who move to a remote Cornish town after their mother dies. Simply lovely!



This one was given to me by my Granny, and belonged to her father. I’m too scared to read this copy, but I just love looking at it.


Another of my Granny’s books, her copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass… It’s not an overly exciting cover, but once you open it up you can see that she’s coloured in all the pictures, cheeky girl.


JUST LOOK AT IT. It’s just so pretty!!


A fairly ugly little copy of Barnaby Rudge, but inside it I found this glorious little 1927 calendar being used as a bookmark.


Horrie was the mascot of my Grandpa’s battalion, so his copy of Horrie the Wog Dog is pretty special.


My great grandmother’s Billabong series… My granny gave these to me when I was 11 and I just love them. The spines are so pretty! There’s a few missing, one day I will track the rest down and have a complete set!


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Antique Books!

    • That’s one of the better examples- I do believe there is a picture of Alice with blue skin and green hair in there as well. At least it fits the theme! She’s always been an artsy one, pity she didn’t pass those genes down 😛

  1. Love that some of those books cam from family members! I have a lot of my mom’s favorite picture books from when she was a kid, and her copy of my all time favorite book Peter Pan. Those are my favorite books in my collection. I have quite a collection of vintage books that I have found at garage sales, goodwill, and antique shops over the past few years, perhaps I will do a post on them!

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