Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New to Me Authors of 2014


I wasn’t sure I’d get this up, as my laptop has taken a nosedive and crashed this week, so I’m relying on the generosity of my brother to get posts going!

As always, this is run by The Broke and The Bookish!

1. Anne Bronte

She deserves so much more credit as a writer than she gets.

2. Oscar Wilde

Everyone’s favourite sass monster. I regret not reading him before!

3. Matt McGuire

Coz Dark Dawn was awesome.

4. Colm Toibin

Sometimes, being forced to read something ends very, very well.

5. Herman Melville

I got Moby Dick in the mail today, but read Billy Budd and other stories for uni last semester and was surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

6. Robert Graves

Goodbye to All That was very good. I’m hoping to read I, Claudius somewhen next year!

7. Simone St. James

Love her writing, it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

8. Robert Lois Stevenson

I very much enjoyed Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

9. Neil Oliver

I read A History of Scotland and really love the way he writes. Must read his other two books!!

10. Jennifer Worth

Call the Midwife was such a great book!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New to Me Authors of 2014

    • Loads of people dislike it, but then a few people who I tend to have similar taste to really like it, it can go either way! We shall see 🙂
      Oscar is the besttttt. I want him as my BFF.

  1. I do love Oscar Wilde… It’s incredible how sass can last through the ages. I love the Call the Midwife TV series- is it worth reading the book?

  2. Its lovely you have enjoyed so many new authors for you. I am interested to see you enjoyed Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as it nothing for me but I went on to read and love Treasure Island. I am looking forward to reading Anne Brontë.

    • I think I liked Jekyll and Hyde because I was studying it and found all the themes really interesting. I think I owned Treasure Island when I was younger and never got into it!
      Anne Bronte is the best. I feel so sorry for her.

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