Review: The Postcard Killers by Liza Marklund and James Patterson

I haven’t read a James Patterson novel before. Or rather, I haven’t read a novel that James Patterson stuck his name on before. I know as well as anybody that he doesn’t write his own books and I debated even writing his name here.

First things first: This book was a page turner. It was entertaining and fine for what it was- a throwaway, forgettable time killer of a novel. Totally fine for that. In 5 months, I’ll probably have totally forgotten this books existence. If I were judging this book on that alone, it’d be rated higher.

I had issues with this book. Big ones.

I know it’s stupid to get so worked up over a stupid little novel, but I did. Plus, these novels get read by millions of people and pervade into society. Or mirror society. I’m not sure which option I like least.

This is what made me stop simply enjoying this book:

“You’re a woman and you write about typically male subjects. That requires talent” pg. 81

EXCUSE ME? The girl is talented because her topics are “typically male”?



I’m sorry. Just because a topic is “male” doesn’t mean it requires talent to delve into. just because a topic is “female” doesn’t mean it’s brainless and spineless, requiring no talent at all.

I cop crap from people for choosing to research in a male dominated area. Females are not expected to take an interest. I literally had a professor say to me “You know there’s no pretty dresses in war?”

So, writing about military history makes me “talented” does it? And what about those who write about dresses and women’s history and domestic life? They aren’t talented?

And if a man writes about “male subjects”, does he need talent?

Well fuck you.

Females don’t need your backhanded “compliments”, thank you very much.


Other shitty things about this novel?

The author/s portray the European police as so incompetent they absolutely must have an American policeman there to hold their hand. Of course, that American is good, and the Swedes are hopeless and not very nice. The American gets the girl, who is repeatedly commodified by the men in the novel. Of course, the American is damaged and wounded and has a sad history. And of course, he catches the villains in the end with typical American crime drama violence, but that’s totally okay because he’s the hero.

If I were Swedish, I would be so offended by their portrayal in this novel. I’m offended for them.

The stupid tiny chapters, which apparently are a trademark for Patterson. There is literally no point to them. 170 chapters in a short novel isn’t clever, it’s a waste of paper.

Contrary to the cover, this is not set in France. I barely even recall France being all too important, as the novel was only there for a few pages.

This book is not the “scariest vacation thriller… ever.”

I give this book 2 stars for being a good time killer and having a plot that was interesting and moved quickly.

The rest just made me rage.



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