Classics Club Survey!

I thought this Classics Club survey would be interesting! I’ve edited it a bit, since some of my answers were getting repetitive and/or the question didn’t really apply!

My Classics Club List

When did you join The Classics Club? How many titles have you read for the club?

I joined in June and by now I’ve probably about 6?

What are you currently reading?

I’ve been reading through Wuthering Heights and a book of Greek mythology for a while. Just pacing myself!

What did you just finish reading and what did you think of it?

Postcard Killers by James Patterson. Meh.

What are you reading next? Why?

I started The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams, because I know it’ll be fun.

Best book you’ve read so far with the club, and why?

Ohhh that’s hard! Probably The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Book you most anticipate (or, anticipated) on your club list?

Probably Les Miserables… I think I might tackle it soon.

Book on your club list you’ve been avoiding, if any? Why?

Parades End. Because I know I have to read it and I know it’s going to be hard.

First classic you ever read?

Ohhh… a children’s classic for sure. Possibly Seven Little Australians.

Toughest classic you ever read?

Wuthering Heights. That sounds so silly but I’ve stumbled over it three times. Finally about to conquer it!

Classic that inspired you? 

Jane Eyre. I always want to be a tough cookie like Jane.

Longest classic you’ve read? Longest classic left on your club list?

I’m not sure of the longest I’ve ever read… possibly it is Jane Eyre. The longest on my list would either be The Count of Monte Christo or Les Miserables.

Oldest classic you’ve read? Oldest classic left on your club list?

Shakespeare would be the oldest, I’ve read a few of his… the oldest I want to read would be Beowulf.

Favorite biography about a classic author you’ve read — or, the biography on a classic author you most want to read, if any?

Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare was good fun. As was The Mitford Girls by Mary S. Lovell.

Which classic do you think EVERYONE should read? Why?

Anne of Green Gables, because it is lovely and made my childhood so much better.

Favorite edition of a classic you own, if any?

Oh! I own really pretty copies of all of Jane Austen’s works! I especially love the ones I have that kind of look like Moleskine notebooks, and have pictures and all sorts of lovely things in them. I wish I’d bought the whole collection now, as I can’t find them any more.

Favorite movie adaption of a classic?

The BBC productions of pretty much anything. Or the The Lord of the Rings trilogy movies by Peter Jackson.

Classic which hasn’t been adapted yet (that you know of) which you very much wish would be adapted to film.

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. And no, I don’t count The Hours as an adaptation, since that’s adapted from its own book.

Least favorite classic? Why?

God, I hated Northanger Abbey. Here is why.

Name five authors you haven’t read yet whom you cannot wait to read.

Five? Ahhhh. Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Leo Tolstoy, Sebastian Faulks and Thomas Hardy.

Which title by one of the five you’ve listed above most excites you and why?

Les Mis. It sounds horribly depressing and epic. Plus, I know very little about it, since I’m a strange human being and haven’t watched the musical in any way, shape or form.

Have you read a classic you disliked on first read that you tried again and respected, appreciated, or even ended up loving? 

I’m having this right now with Wuthering Heights. I’d still not say I’m a huge fan of it, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it this time round and see what all the fuss is about. I just think the fuss is misguided!

Which classic character can’t you get out of your head?

There’s a few… probably Jane Eyre would be the number one though.

Which classic character most reminds you of yourself?

Anne Shirley. I think she’s my kindred spirit.

Which classic character do you most wish you could be like?

Elizabeth Bennet, because I can’t tolerate parties.

Which classic character reminds you of your best friend?

Probably the above actually!

If a sudden announcement was made that 500 more pages had been discovered after the original “THE END” on a classic title you read and loved, which title would you most want to keep reading? Or, would you avoid the augmented manuscript in favor of the original? Why?

Oh… probably not. 500 pages is a lot to mess up perfection.

Favorite children’s classic?

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. I have very fond memories of my granny reading it to me… and I’m still nervous around banksias.

Who recommended your first classic?

Probably my mum, who loved how much I read as a child and fully encouraged it, especially classics, probably because they were cheaper because she has great taste in literature.

Whose advice do you always take when it comes to literature.

Probably my friends… If they say something is good, I’ll generally listen and take note. If they say it’s terrible, I know they mean it.

Favorite memory with a classic?

Reading Anne of Green Gables on a train trip down to Melbourne on summer holidays

Classic author you’ve read the most works by?

Probably Lucy Maude Montgomery, since I’ve read the entire Anne series and the Emily series too.

Classic author who has the most works on your club list?

Most likely Charles Dickens.

Classic author you own the most books by?

Shakespeare and Dickens… I keep buying his books but haven’t read any yet!

Classic title(s) that didn’t make it to your club list that you wish you’d included?

I keep adding them =)

How many rereads are on your club list? If none, why? If some, which are you most looking forward to, or did you most enjoy?

None, as I wanted to challenge myself to read books I haven’t read yet.

Has there been a classic title you simply could not finish?

There’s been a few that I’ve put down, but none I’m not willing to have another crack at.

Has there been a classic title you expected to dislike and ended up loving?

Wuthering Heights. 

Classic you are DEFINITELY GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year?

Dickens… definitely a Dickens. It’s going to happen!

Classic you are NOT GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN next year?

I’m not going to limit myself, but probably some Dante’s Inferno or something too outrageous, since my workload is going to be massive.


8 thoughts on “Classics Club Survey!

  1. I also love Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and nearly all the BBC adaptations I’ve seen too. I hope you get round to reading some Dickens soon and I hope you enjoy which ever you read. I think my favourites so far would be A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist but I’ve liked all I’ve read so far 🙂

  2. The Classics Clubs looks wonderful! I had heard of it before, but for some odd reason I’ve never been involved with it. I really should. Your answers here are great; I especially loved this one, and think we may well be kindred spirits!

    Which classic character do you most wish you could be like?: Elizabeth Bennet, because I can’t tolerate parties.

    • I think we must be! Perhaps it’s our shared Highlander ancestry?
      You definitely should look into it, I like having the goal of finishing them all. It feels so good ticking them off! I haven’t gotten involved in the spin books yet but perhaps in the future.
      I really really don’t like parties, what can I say 😛

      • Yes! It must be. Ooh, I definitely will! It sounds like a great idea to help in the quest for being well read in the realm of Classics. Haha, same here! I’m one of those quite socially awkward people, especially in crowds, so they don’t tend to suit me too well. 😛

      • Haha you should have seen me on Saturday night at a club in the city, I was like a fish out of water!
        It’s really satisfying to feel well read! I don’t know when one can claim to be well read, but I hope I’m nearing there 😛

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