Review: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams


This book was absolutely hilarious and so far ahead of its time!

This is the second book in The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy (which is actually in 6 parts) and it was just as good as the first. We get all our favourites back, including Arthur, Ford, Marvin and Zaphod. Trillian is there but really does nothing worth mentioning.


In this instalment, we follow the team across the galaxy to find something to eat and try to work out who controls the universe and what the ultimate question is. It’s a quick read, with my edition coming in at 180 pages.

There was some incredibly laugh out loud funny scenes, with Adams’ trademark hilarity shining through. My favourite was when the ship’s computer made Arthur a cup of “tea”, which was awful, but asked him: “would you like to share this experience with your friends?”…. we’ve all been there. Are we positive Adams didn’t have a time machine at his disposal?


The first three quarters was a rollicking good time, but the final quarter really shifted and slowed down. I didn’t enjoy it half as much, but it still wasn’t terrible. Again, Adams shows his skill with humour while tackling tough topics- environmental devastation, corruption and mindless killing. Sounds tough, but it was still tackled with humour and could (and probably is) be totally missed by people not noticing that deeper meaning. Definitely thought provoking.

Overall, I give this 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this!

Ps… my enjoyment was increased because my copy is second hand and has one of the most amazing examples of “old book smell” EVER. I think I spent more time sniffing it than reading it, to be honest!


3 thoughts on “Review: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

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  2. I agree. And I love how he took these mysterious, paradoxical and deep questions into something humurous. These questions that haunt many people, myself included seemed silly almost as I read. Sonething much lighter came ti mind when questioning the origins of human life and the creation of our universe. I especially enjoyed when they went to meet the man that ruled the universe and he is a bit eccentric, yet overly simple in, ironically,a paradoxical way. The natural logic of his explanations was almost confusing and the drab surroundings he lived in was pretty cool. It humbled the “creator” and the awe inspiring admiration, or holiness when referring to God seemed, again silly. As even In Christianity, is stated, that he created humans to be in his image.
    One thing that I found myself thinking about as I read was the concept of time and how it really doesnt matter and we so often lose sight of this. Rushing to be on time to here. Too busy to go there. And in the nature of the cosmos, time is nothing. As infinity is the only truth of time in reality.
    Was the time travel referring to different lives? Or one ongoing one that is seperated by lapses or moving dimension or world to another? Pretty interesting.
    I started with this book and I suppose I will read the last and then go on to “Hitchhikers”. But I love an aithor with a great sense of humor and am looking forward to how the beginning and end of the trilogy will go.

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