The Fantastic Two Week Book Marathon + Halloween Read-a-thon


Apparently, Halloween is tomorrow. I don’t celebrate it in the slightest- it’s really not that important over here.

That being said, Imogen at Imogen’s Typewriter is hosting a Halloween read-a-thon. Since I have a few “Halloween-ish” books I could read, I decided to give it a go! It runs on Friday and Saturday… I’m not sure exactly how I’ll time it, seeing as I have an assignment to do and work on Saturday, but I’ll work it out!

My list for the read-a-thon is:

1) The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Spooky spooky!

2) Ghouls Rush In by H.P Mallory

It came up on my Amazon recs and I thought… why not?

3) Collected Ghost Stories by P.D. James

I think this book has been on my shelf for years… like I’m talking 5-6 years. Should probably get on it!

4) Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote

I’ve been reading this for a while, but want to finish up!


I don’t actually expect myself to finish all of these, but that’s okay! Options are good!



I’m going to be away from home for two weeks!


It will land right after I finish university, which is absolutely kicking my arse right now. So I’m thinking that maybe I should use that two weeks wisely (or unwisely, depending on your perspective) by READING. Because all I want to do right now is anything BUT read. Which is a fairly good idea for the place I’m staying- surrounded by books and very little distractions!

Uni has been so heavy on the books this semester, so my reading is way behind where I want it to be and I’m really not enjoying actually doing it. I’ve been really stressed and having issues with my health, so when I go to bed, I crash. I don’t have enough time to spend doing the reading I want to do, which is sad!

I’ll also be going to see Shakespeare’s Henry V as well, so I’ll be getting nice and deep into the literary thing!

I’m going to be trying to stick to this list, but knowing me, I’ll be getting distracted. It’s a lot of reading, but I think with the few distractions available in the house and a pretty good mix of easy things and hard things, I’ll make a dent in it.

1. Parade’s End by Ford Madox Ford.

I have to ACTUALLY read this book for my thesis. It’s not exactly the most fun book to read, but I have to get it done without having as many distractions as I do at home… until now, it’s been excuses excuses, but I HAVE RUN OUT. So yeah, this will get read. If you hear howls in the night, it’s probably me.

2. The Clockwork Scarab

It seems like a light and fun read, which is definitely what I need! Plus, it sounds rather ridiculous and I need a good laugh.

3. Obsidian

Because YA seems like a logical thing to read when your brain is so fried it can’t even function. Plus, aliens.

4. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

It’s so popular and sounds so cool, I definitely want to give this a go!

5. Born in… trilogy by Nora Roberts

Light, fluffy birthday presents from last year. Should probably get on that, especially when I’m getting asked what I thought of them!

6. Something by Dickens

Any suggestions?? Help this Dickens virgin!

7. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

MORE ALIENS! This is on my TTT Spring list and I know it will be a hell of a lot of fun!

8) A History of Ancient Britain by Neil Oliver

I was recently watching what I think is the parent programme on the BBC for this, and despite my general disinterest in prehistoric societies and archaeology, this has grabbed my interest. Neil Oliver’s books are great, as are his TV shows. Plus, this edition’s back cover has an enormous picture of Neil on it, so I won’t forget who wrote it 😉


What do you think of my choices? Any more suggestions?

Which Dickens should I read?


4 thoughts on “The Fantastic Two Week Book Marathon + Halloween Read-a-thon

  1. Bleak House is not just the best Dickens – it’s the best book ever written! (In my opinion, of course… 😉 ). But Nicholas Nickleby is great and might be a better one for a first-time read. Or A Tale of Two Cities is shorter, though it’s a bit different from his usual style. Oliver Twist is also shorter and many people really love it – personally I find it a bit too sweet in parts, though there are some really great bits in it. Whichever you choose, I hope you enjoy. 😀

    • Thanks for commenting!
      I have all of your suggestions, so maybe I’ll sit down and read the first page of each and make a decision! It seems everyone has a different opinion on which is the best to start with!

  2. I read The Turn of the Screw a few weeks ago as part of my October spooky reads! I look forward to seeing how you like it.
    I have had Parade’s End on my TBR for a while because I saw the miniseries last year and enjoyed it, but it is quite long. I hope you enjoy it.
    I read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe like 2 years ago I think. It’s great. If you liked Hitchhikers Guide you should like it.

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