Review: A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England by Suzannah Lipscombe


When I grow up, I want to be Suzannah Lipscombe.

No really, I do.

Goodbye David Starkey, we have Suzannah now, and that is an awesome, awesome change. She’s just wonderful, and if you haven’t checked out her various documentaries, what are you doing with your life?! Watch them!

Before I go into actually reviewing this book, can we just stop and look at the cover? Just look at it! It’s majestic! This is what all history book covers should look like! I swear, publishers, are you listening? Ah, I just need a moment.

giphy (1)

I was so excited to read this when I bought it early this year, then stupid me got distracted and didn’t get to it. This book would have been invaluable while I was in England. I absolutely regret not reading it beforehand. Luckily, I remember enough to be able to picture the places that are talked about (the ones I went to anyway!).

It does assume some prior knowledge of Tudor history and the places being discussed, but it is by no means imperative that you know absolutely everything. If you’re familiar with at least some of the Tudor personalities, you’ll be fine. If not, you’ll learn a few names and some fun stories. Tudor history is so fun, with all the big personalities and bigger events. Henry VIII anyone?

As well as being a guidebook, it tells the story of what happened in each of the locations and gives a quick rundown of life in Tudor England. I’ve read quite a bit about the Tudors and I learnt a lot throughout the book.

One small issue with this book- and by this, I mean the Kindle version, not the physical copy (which is currently on its way to me, because I JUST NEEDED IT OKAY!). The Kindle edition has little links to jump to different sections. I have a Paperwhite and found it way too easy to bump those links, accidentally sending myself to different sections, which became really annoying after a while. So if you’re like me and can’t be trusted with a touchscreen, definitely look into getting the physical copy.

I really enjoyed this book and will read Suzannah’s book on Henry VIII soon! If you’re interested in Tudor history, live in England or wish you could take a grand tour around castles from the comfort of your own couch, this one is for you.



4 thoughts on “Review: A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England by Suzannah Lipscombe

  1. This looks absolutely stunning! I’m with you on the cover (so pretty!), and I think this is a MUST for the wishlist. Oh, you make it so difficult to be on book buying bans!

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