Am I a Book Snob?

This idea came from The Resurgent Bookworm, who got the idea from a Book Riot post. 

I thought it would be interesting to see how snobby I actually am. I think I’m a little bit of a snob, but I want to know exactly how bad I am!

E-reading isn’t REAL reading. = I need my personal preferences about my hobby to be validated as the only right and moral way do to a thing.

Disagree. I use e-books semi regularly, especially when they’re available for much cheaper than a print copy or I’m not sure I’ll like the book.

Making crafts out of old books is a DESECRATION! = I’ve never seen a library dumpster.

Yes and no. If it’s in good condition then I would be annoyed about it being chopped up. But if the pages are falling to bits, then why not do something useful with it? Better to give it a new life than to throw it in the bin!

I only read prize-winners/confirmed classics *sniff*. = I don’t know how to think for myself.

Disagee. I tend to actually avoid things that have won some sort of literary prize, because I get the impression that it will be pretentious.

I do like my classics though, there is no denying that. But I don’t ONLY read classic literature!

Book bloggers are killing literary criticism! = I’m an aging white man in publishing and I don’t know how to think for myself.


Oh, I’ve never heard of that book. Was it reviewed in the NYT/on NPR? = I don’t know how to think for myself.

Nope. I don’t read critics reviews for books and I don’t listen to them for movies either. I often find them to be pretentious and miss the point, especially when something is just meant to be fun.

I would never read the tripe that is Twilight/50 Shades/Oprah’s Book Club selection, and I am going to tweet that statement 50 million times. = I am still as worried about being cool as I was when I was in high school.

HA! I read ALL the tripe. I have to find amusement somewhere!

I don’t watch Oprah though, so I don’t follow her book club.

The book is always better than the movie, no exceptions. = I’ve never seen The Godfather or The Princess Bride and also I am no fun at parties.

Nope. The Lovely Bones movie didn’t piss me off quite as much as the book. It got close though.

Stardust the movie was better than the book.

The Princess Bride movie I enjoyed more than the book.

Rap music is not poetry, but Joni Mitchell/Bob Dylan/Belle and Sebastian is. = I am racist.

I don’t like rap. So I guess I’m a snob here.

I do like Bob Dylan and Belle and Sebastian though. DOUBLE SNOB.

I refuse to use an e-reader because I just love that old book smell. People who do not love that old book smell are not real readers. = My favorite perfume’s base note is mold.

I do use an e-reader, but bugger it, I love base notes of mouldy books.

People who shop at Amazon for books are evil. = I have disposable income and like to make moral judgements about people who do not.

Alas, I am a villain. I don’t have a disposable income and definitely use Amazon, but moreso The Book Depository because books in Australia are just SO expensive.

I would NEVER dog ear pages, crease a spine, or eat food while reading. = I have unreasonable expectations about how much the people to whom I bequeath my books when I die will actually want them.

Oops. Guilty of all of the above.

I guess it’s good that they’re reading at all. = I will internally judge you until your reading tastes morph to match my own, which are far superior to yours because I read more books written by white men who live in Brooklyn.

I’ve said this, in relation to Twilight et al. SNOBBERY ABOUNDS!

I don’t have a TV because that would cut into my reading time. Did I mention I don’t have a TV? Hey. You there. I don’t have a TV. I don’t get that TV reference. = I am not all that interesting. Also, I watch three hours of Netflix a night on my laptop.

I have a TV, but I don’t watch it a huge amount, because the ads annoy me. But movies and tv shows and Netflix on the computer is definitely a thing I do.

I don’t care if the main character is likable. It’s the PROSE that’s the thing. = My ability to tolerate insufferable jerks makes me better than you because you’re obviously only reading for escapism, which is an inferior motivation for reading.

I prefer to like my main character, though I understand it when I don’t.

I’m not a romance/crime/Western reader. I mean, I’ll read LITERARY genre. SOMETIMES. = My kitchen is full of quinoa and kale and soy ice cream. Someone please validate what a grown-up I am.

Soy ice cream is from the devil.

I’ve never read a Western but give me all the romance and crime!

I don’t understand adults who read YA. You’re a grown-up person, you should read grown-up books. = I don’t like dancing in the rain or ice cream cones or trampolines or whimsy and my neck tie is too tight.

Hello, can of worms.

I’m borderline. It’s not my business what you read, but I find YA to be too immature for me. It’s good for escapism and it definitely has its merits.

However, I think an unusually high rate of books get pigeonholed as YA these days, which is unfortunate as it limits it’s audience. Books like The Book Thief are classed as YA, which is unfair. Just because a book has a child/teen protagonist doesn’t mean it should only be read by young adults.

I don’t think that true YA challenges readers intellectually as much as other literature, which is fine sometimes but I think being challenged is a good thing.

How did I do? I don’t think I’m as much of a snob as I thought I was, to be honest! 

How do you fare with this list?


8 thoughts on “Am I a Book Snob?

  1. I guess we agree on most points then ! 🙂 Especially about the movie critics – sometimes I feel they are convinced by the sheer stature of the director and they nitpick on the newcomers (with reference to India that is)

  2. Agree with almost everything… almost… Seriously, soy ice cream can be really amazing. Especially with heaps of chocolate syrup on top. Good god. Super serious. (I really don’t like quinoa though – but kale in a stir fry, holy cow. amazing.)

    Also this: “I am not all that interesting. Also, I watch three hours of Netflix a night on my laptop.” I’ve noticed this too. It’s still TV, people!

    • I must have tried a really awful one then! Quinoa is a bit boring. I don’t mind kale though, I had it in my juice this morning!

      You’re right, it technically is. I can’t get Netflix to go on my TV because it’s technically illegal for me to use it, so it isn’t supported on apple tv (and I’m too technologically challenged to get around it) so I sort of see it as a different entity.

      • I’ve got a computer hooked up to my TV via an HDMI cable. It works just fine for me (though it’s a pain sometimes). It’s nice to have Hulu, Amazon and Netflix all available like that. With Hulu, anyway, there’s commercials you have to sit through. So in that way, it’s the same. At least it’s similar enough that people who do this (like me) can’t say that they don’t have TV. Though it’s always fun to end a stupid conversation about some reality TV show by saying “yeah, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I don’t have cable.” God… am I one of those people?!

      • It seems you have entered the realm of snobbery, my friend! =P

        I hadn’t thought of an HDMI cable! I’m truly a technological no hoper. I have used Hulu a couple of times and even then, the ads are better than regular TV! Amazon is totally geo-blocked though, which is sad.

      • GAH!! No!! From now on, I’ll answer all inquiries about whether or not I’ve seen this or that reality show with “No, I don’t have myself.” That’s totally not snobbery! 🙂

        The ads on Hulu are better, but pretty repetitive. Same ad over and over. But, like TV, you can mute it. In the end, DVRs and cable is probably the way to go, though I’ll probably never do that.

  3. “I don’t think that true YA challenges readers intellectually as much as other literature, which is fine sometimes but I think being challenged is a good thing.” YES! Thank you so much for saying this! This was such an interesting little questionnaire to read, and I agree with so much of what you said.

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