Review: The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James



Simone St. James, what the hell are you doing to me?

Do you sit there at your desk and think- “Hmm. I shall create the GREATEST AND SEXIEST MALES EVER and then rip your heart to shreds when you remember that THEY ARE IMAGINARY! MWAHAHAHAHA!”

You are an evil genius.

You know how I feel about evil genius.

I love you. Never stop writing.

If you do, I’m going all Maddy on the situation.

Just saying.

You have been warned.

This book is set after the Great War. It is told from Sarah’s perspective- a young, somewhat naive character. She’s very similar to Kitty in Silence for the Dead, but different enough to not be a carbon copy. She’s not as self assured and cocky. 

Sarah is called by an employment agency about a job working for a “writer”. Turns out this writer is actually a ghost hunter called Alistair… who needs her help on a particularly dangerous new assignment. His other assistant, Matthew, is away and the clients specifically request a female to help exorcise the malevolent spirit of their former servant, Maddy. 

Things obviously get out of hand pretty quickly. Maddy is no ordinary poltergeist… Oh no. This is one well pissed off lady. Why is she this angry? What happened to her? And why is everyone so weirdly offensive around here?

Anyway, this book just ate my afternoon and evening and I want to move into the story now. 

All the characters are great- the good guys good, the evil guys evil and it was creepy as hell. Like actual skin crawling creepy at a few points. It takes a lot to make me nervous!

I want Matthew, just saying. Though I kind of pictured Alistair as a mixture of Matt Smith and Josh Thomas… so kind of like a sassy, gay Dr Who in a green coat. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I was glad to have the focus shifted from him a little bit! Despite my mental images, he was great and a fun character to follow.

And for those that are interested, the sex was hot.


This is me if I met Matthew. I love a convincingly drawn, tormented male character. 

My one niggling issue is that I would have liked to have known why Maddy appeared to be disproportionate and strangely shaped- if it was an aspect of her demonic anger or something else. But that’s not a huge problem for me… It definitely added to the creep factor. Windigo images from Supernatural superimposed on a girl is pretty creepy.

So now I shall have to ration out the rest of her books- I think I only have two more left and that depresses me more than words can say. 

5 big yellow stars and a Leonardo DiCaprio from me!




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