Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles #1)


Where to begin?

I was SO excited to get into this series- I’d heard such amazing reviews and was totally ready to leap headlong onto this bandwagon.

Here is Kvothe. He is our protagonist this evening- or how I pictured him anyway. You’re welcome, ladies (and gentlemen of that persuasion!)

I pictured the Masters like the Princes of Stormhold. All infighting and grudges.


Except Fake Snape Hemme, who was more like Gargamel. I just couldn’t take the man seriously.


I was told Hemme was like the Snape of The Name of the Wind! I feel cheated. It was obvious though, as no one is so mixed up and awesome as Snape.

This book moved so damn slowly at times. I found myself skimming a bit to get to the damn POINT.

devils wears prada

And then… I gave up on it.

I got to 49% and was not interested in going any further.

Despite all the rave reviews, nope, no cigar here for me. The wagon left without me.

I did not like Kvothe, not one bit. Didn’t care what happened to him. He’s like this magic ginger who can do no wrong. Like geez, even Harry has flaws. Kvothe just seems to be right in every situation. I assume  he even kills some kings later on and I’m sure he has a wonderful justification for that too.

I think the hype monster ate this one for me. If it hadn’t been likened to books that I love, then maybe my expectations wouldn’t have been so very high.

Maybe if I wasn’t such a cynic, I could swallow Kvothe’s perfection whole.

I will give Patrick Rothfuss this- that he’s build a very detailed world, with some good characters. I would be interested to see what Bast’s deal is, if I could force myself through the rest of this book. I even saw that he’s created the coinage system (which, by the way, confused the shit out of me), which I think is pretty cool.

If the current Hollywood trend persists, we’ll have a movie or TV series for his within 5 years. Maybe I’d watch it- I’m vaguely interested in watching Outlander even though I hated Cross Stitch and gave up on it. We shall see.

So in all, no, I will not be finishing this book, so I shall not rate it. It has definitely thrown me into a slump but I’m working hard to recover and get back to quality programming!!!



8 thoughts on “Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles #1)

  1. This book has been on my TBR list. I might actually give it a try after I lower my expectations. I don’t like perfect characters, so I’ll take Batman over Superman any day. I always felt that the Harry Potter movies, especially the earlier ones, didn’t quite capture the bratiness Harry sometimes had in the books. He wasn’t always sweet and kind, and that’s okay. Flawed characters are much more interesting.

    • I agree! The movies made Harry out to be almost saint-like, which he absolutely wasn’t in the books. I prefer a flawed character too! IRON MAN FTW!

  2. I completely agree with the ‘magic ginger’ thing- and it only gets worse in the next book as well. I managed to ignore the fact that Kvothe can’t put a foot wrong, but can see why it’s a massive problem for a lot of people. I will also admit to skimming through it at certain points….
    Also nobody will ever be as great as Snape. Ever,

    • Hey, thanks for following and commenting!
      It’s such a shame, the book has so much potential but Kvothe is just insufferable for me. I’ve heard he’s worse in the second book before!
      You speak the truth!!

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