Review: Georgian London: Into the Streets by Lucy Inglis



I’ve taken my sweet time reading this one. It’s quite an easy read but I wanted to read other things as well! This book was borne of Lucy Inglis’ blog, Georgian London, which I think is so cool!

Each section of London is given a fair chunk of book, so if you have a particular interest in an area of London, be it The City or Marylebone, you’ll find lots to think about here!

I was particularly interested in the City, as I spent a fair bit of time in this area when I was in London earlier this year. I at least vaguely knew where the streets were and some of the locations mentioned. If you live in London or know it well, you’ll probably enjoy this even more than I did!

There are some great stories in this book- my favourite is the one about the pig who lived in the Fleet for a year and grew enormous!

I give this 3/5 stars. It’s quite a bit to get through (though very entertaining!) and I’m not super familiar with London (I want to change this so badly!) so I think some is totally lost on me.



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