Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


I deviated from my intended reading list because of a few little things.

a) I’m currently on two other books and felt bogged down. I’m supposedly reading “Three Men in a Boat” but I’m just not feeling it. The book is fine, extremely funny even- I’m just not in the mood for it. Nothing else on my list was really leaping out at me.

b) I’d heard good things and got sick of trying to avoid spoilers- failed anyway.

c) I’d bought it on Amazon really cheaply.

This is another YA book. I read it in a few hours. It’s quick and quite easy to get through, which I was pleased about as I’ve been a bit stuck for a few days.

The plot moves really quickly. Cadence is the main character, who isn’t really very likeable. She’s really a bit of a spoilt brat. She is part of a very rich All-American family who spent their summers on their private island near Martha’s Vineyard.
I don’t really think saying more than that is wise, so I’ll leave it there.

I had issues with this book. If it was any longer I think I would have chucked this on my imaginary “Stuff to donate or give away” pile. I didn’t like the weird writing style, for one.

Screenshot 2014-07-04 18.56.01

What is with the trend for weird, choppy, faux-literary writing style? It just pissed me off. I dislike authors not using capital letters at the best of times! It’s like reading a toned down Tim Winton. I LOATHE Tim Winton’s work with a burning passion, straight from the fires of Mordor, so of course anything that reminds me of Cloudstreet is going to get me a bit riled.

Cady was really not likeable- none of them were, really, except Gat. The reasons why they weren’t likeable weren’t dealt with in any depth either. I don’t think it matters that the book is short- it had room to deal with the underlying reasons for the conclusion. In fact, it didn’t even deal with Cady’s self styled personality trait- “I don’t suffer fools”. She states this three times in the novel but never shows that it even applies to her. In fact, she is a fool, so maybe she shouldn’t suffer herself.

Cady is a super unreliable narrator, not just for the amnesia thing. I found it hard to work out what parts were overwrought metaphor and what parts were real.

I give the extra half star because this book did make me cry, which is a bit unusual. I’m a pretty hard reader to make cry! It was in relation to dogs, a surefire way to get me emotional!

In total, I’m giving this one 2.5 stars. It’s not awful but it’s not great. It’s a quick read with a few niggling issues. It’s not something I think you’d read twice, so if you see it on special or second hand it might be worth a look at!


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