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Top Ten Tuesday is run by The Broke and the Bookish.

Everyone loves a good book cover. I believe 90% of people choose a book by it’s cover- I know I do. I tend to avoid books with shiny stars or baby colours, for example, as they are usually belonging to the chick lit genre. I avoid that type of book like the plague, so a cover of that ilk will make me walk straight past.

I love a pretty book cover, particularly when it’s a hardback. I can deal with ugly covers but it’s a bit disappointing. They sort of turn me off the book.

Book Cover Styles I Love


Image I love these editions. Too pretty and they feel really nice!


Image Pretty much anything from Vintage. So very pretty. They tend to have the nicest cover art and pretty good quality paper. My bookshelf is heavy with red spines, so I wish they would change colours every so often, but that’s okay, the front covers make up for it!


Image I love these covers. They scream mystery and history, my favourites!


Image I have this edition of Persuasion and it is stunning! It smells good, feels good, is shiny, has coloured page edges, hardcover with a vintage feel… It has it all. I want the whole set!


Image  This is my favourite book, so I’m possibly biased. But I love her perfect red lips, the script and the postage stamps. It just embodies the book. However, I was once in Dymocks and found another book with exactly the same woman on the cover, with the picture merely reversed. So perhaps it’s gone a little far…

Books Cover Styles I Hate


Image I have nothing against the Twilight cover or others copying it. Oh no, I think they can look quite handsome. THIS, however, MAKES ME FURIOUS!!!! Oh sweet baby Jesus, I don’t even know where to begin. No. Just… No. You can Twilightify the covers of classics all you like, but the teen masses, for the most part, will not understand them. They will begin reading them, give up in 20 pages and condemn all classics to the rubbish.


Image This is the type of book that screams CHICK LIT to me. I don’t enjoy reading this genre, so steer well clear. This cover is missing the shiny gold stars and such that often adorn these books, but it does have a honking great sticker on it. I hate when they put stickers on my books, especially ones I can’t remove!


Image I really dislike this Penguin range. I don’t like the cover art and I really don’t like the pages. They feel all rough and uneven, which I just really don’t like.


Image I wish these Penguin editions were prettier. The only ones I’ve liked the cover of were Anna Karenina and some of the Charles Dickens covers. They mostly seem so gloomy and dark, but what do you want for $10?


Image I don’t know… I just don’t like them. Too clashy and too bright.



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays- Book Cover Trends

  1. That was very funny!
    Vintage indeed makes the nicest covers for paperbacks!
    And I totally agree with you on the cover that screams Chick Lit and the one of Wuthering Heights!

    • I think you’re right! I feel like you can walk into someone’s house and decide things about them by having a quick scan of their bookshelves- superficial but so often valid. You’re right- I’m a history student and I’m on a massive classics kick at the moment!

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