Review: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill


I was recommended this book by my friend, Gemma. This recommendation led me to The Haunting of Hill House, while I waited for this one to appear in my mailbox. As I said in the review for that book, I love a good ghost story!

This one was really quick- I read it in one sitting. Not a bad way to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon! It rather suited the atmosphere and my current state of mind.

This book follows a young lawyer, sent from London to a rural part of England (–shire, to be lovely and imprecise) in order to attend an elderly client’s funeral and finalise her affairs. In traditional ghost story fashion, the townspeople don’t want to talk about the lady or her estate, Eel Marsh House. They are friendly enough to Arthur, but remain remote. To give away much more would be spoiling far too much.

I enjoyed this novel. It was a really quick read. It got straight into the nitty gritty and was lovely and creepy. Again, I wasn’t all that scared, but definitely creeped out. I could probably read this one again and have forgotten all the details, as it’s fairly cliche. That isn’t a bad thing, as most ghost stories are quite cliche, especially the Victorian gothic themed ones.

I’d give this one a solid 3 stars. It didn’t rock my world, but I spent an enjoyable couple of hours immersed in this novel.

PS. Isn’t the cover gorgeous? I’m also told this has been made into a movie, starring Daniel Radcliffe. While I love Dan, I really don’t do horror movies. I’m told it’s really good and thoroughly scary though!


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