Holiday book haul!

Hello hello!

I’ve been away for the last few days, and what better excuse is there to buy a stack of new books? I’ll keep this haul short and sweet, as I have a monster haul coming soon!

I went to a town on the Central Coast of NSW called Umina, as I knew there was a second hand bookshop there. Once, I went to Ruby’s with my friend and we went a little bit psycho with the purchasing of reading material! This time, I was a bit more restrained, as the selection isn’t as good, which is a damned shame. They have a cafe there, so you can read your new purchases with a coffee and food.

From there, I bought:

photoIn the Days When The World Was Wide- Henry Lawson

16303 The Hollow- Agatha Christie

816080 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd- Agatha Christie

319238 A Clergyman’s Daughter- George Orwell


I then moved on to the St Vincent De Paul shop a little further down the road. For the whopping great sum of $4, I purchased:

2972407 Mary Barton- Elizabeth Gaskell

The book itself was $3, but I left a little extra.

Across the road I found a shop I’d never seen before. The Book Bazaar has a great selection of new books. It also has great staff who genuinely want to help you find a good book! It’s so rare these days to walk into a bookstore and be asked if you need help finding anything or to be able to ask the staff if they know about the books! I picked up:

12880897 My Dear, I wanted to tell you- Louisa Young

19288043 Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

I know I’m late to the Gone Girl bandwagon! I’m hoping to read that one soon.

I was unsure about “My Dear, I wanted to tell you”, as there is no decent blurb on the cover at all. I was really unsure of what exactly it was about, so asked the lady at the counter, thinking there would be no way she had read it. I was totally wrong! She was able to give me a quick synopsis, which was awesome, particularly as its an indie book!

I wish this store was closer to home, as her recommendations were awesome!

I’m currently reading:

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell… not sure how I feel about this so far.

The Picture of Dorian Grey- Oscar Wilde. Which I unfortunately left at home, so haven’t been able to read it since Saturday!



7 thoughts on “Holiday book haul!

      • Oh,I meant the books in the book haul!
        I’ve only read Animal Farm from Orwell,but that’ll change soon,as I plan on reading 1984 this year!
        As for Agatha Christie,her books never interested until this year!! I’m waiting for two lovely sets of her books (Miss Marple Series & Poirot Series) to go on sale,but I think it won’t be any time soon! 🙂

      • Oh sorry! No, only Gone Girl so far!
        I didn’t read them until maybe 2 years ago, when my friend out “Murder on the Orient Express” in my hands and told me to read immediately!

  1. What a wonderful haul! I really enjoyed ‘My Dear I Wanted to Tell You’, and hope you do too. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Agatha Christies too!

    • Oh my goodness, someone who has read it! I’m even more excited to get into it now! It’s sitting there on my shelf, looking at me.
      I’ll have to get onto them too- my TBR is outrageous at the moment!

      • I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! It’s one of the best war books which I’ve read, and it’s so engaging. Mine is too! I know I have so many books to read, but I can’t stop buying more! Are you the same?

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