Review: A Modern Witch (A Modern Witch #1) by Debora Geary

Modern witch

This series (I think I’m up to the 5th book now) is really fun. A bit saccharine, but perfect for some light-hearted reading.

I got pulled in by Amazon, as it kept being recommended and I thought the cover was interesting. They’re quite cheap, around the $3 mark, so I figured that if it sucked I wouldn’t have wasted too much money!

I know all about witches. I’ve read other witch related novels. I’ve also studied witch hunting in depth at uni for the last few months. These witches are nothing compared to the old time witches who apparently flew on broomsticks, committed ritual infanticide and had the most devilish Sabbaths ever. These witches are more interested in cookies, ice cream and more cookies. Seriously. This series has given me diabetes!

It’s just so damned happy! Everyone is happy, there is barely a moment of anger or sadness in this series. Which is all well and good if you’re a super happy person living in Happyland… To me, it’s just a TAD overdone. It makes me feel a lot better than a really depressing book though, so there is a positive.

A Modern Witch focuses on Lauren, a real estate agent from Chicago with undiscovered powers of mind magic. She can read minds and do all sorts of really cool mind magic things. She has a yoga loving bestie called Natalie, who is perhaps a little too perfect, but quite loveable.

One day, these witches are talking in their secret chat room. Lauren is minding her own business, grocery shopping online, when BAM! She’s being told she’s a witch. The witches send their witchy brother, Jamie, up to Chicago to meet Lauren and convince her to come to Witch Central to learn how to control her mind powers.

I know, I know… It sounds really stupid and pointless. Maybe it is. But I’ve read some REALLY stupid and pointless books (Fabio, I’m looking at you) and A Modern Witch is definitely up there with the best of them. It’s a feel good story of happy people doing happy things.

The first few chapters had me scoffing, the middle had me suspending disbelief and the ending had me on the edge of my seat. I immediately bought the next in the series and read it the next day. I just couldn’t put it down. Every time I finish one of these books, I think “YES! I need the next!” and the whole process repeats itself.

One thing I have noticed about this series is that it has a rather dedicated fan base. In a way, it’s pretty cool. In another way, they tend to jump down the throats of anyone who posts a negative review. I understand really loving a book or feeling friendly with the author, and that is fine, but I feel it’s a bit rich to have a go at someone for saying anything remotely negative. It hasn’t happened to me, but it is an observation I’ve made. I don’t feel too badly about criticising this series, as Geary has enough dedicated fans to make up for my moaning.

Debora Geary runs a Facebook page where she discusses her upcoming releases and general little updates. It’s really cool for an author to engage with her fans so well!

The Pros: It’s happy. The characters are pretty cool and their powers make me a little jealous. It’s seriously addictive. They’re really cheap on Amazon.

The Cons: It’s too happy. They talk a lot about computer coding, for their special witch role play game, which kind of loses me every time. There is hardly any conflict in this series at all, which makes me border on wanting someone to die just to shake it up a bit (or maybe I’m just a terrible person.)



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